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Saturday, 12 July 2014

Medway River Festival

Hi folks,
today we made a trip to the festival not expecting much as we had done this event last year. On arrival it was dull and overcast and very warm and I did the usual shots of the event. I was reasonably happy until this new event by Xtreme Action with the man on a Flyboard and this chap on the Jetski appeared which made my day. Sit back and enjoy the fun as I did.

Just a bit of insight into this, the chap connected to a jetski via a long tube and if you look carefully you can see the trigger on his wrist which controls the amount of thrust from the jetski into the tube thus propelling him into the air. 

Then there was this chap on a Jetski trying to do over eight loops simultaneously.

What a show, thanks for looking. Luv Mike 


  1. Hi Michael, Brilliant blog, Can see why the organiser put the two events together, very exciting display.too much adreneline rush for me. Mrs Egg.

  2. Playing catch up after problems with Google again.

    Some nice picture but too many to pick out. but the dog in the water is a great set.

    I did not know that you were home.

  3. OMG What a show Mike ! ! ! Magnificent shots..........Cant believe how high that guy got !
    Hope you are both well and thanks for popping over to mine.....
    Chris and Dave R