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Thursday, 3 March 2016

They do things BIG in the USA

Hi folks.
back now my eye has finally decided to let me look at the computer screen for a while.
As the weather has been so grey and I have been working, also we have just bought a replacement motorhome I thought I would do a piece on a Motorhome we found whilst on holiday.

Let me introduce you to the Winnebago Tour.

Cummings engine on pull out rails.

Lounge area, the sides close for transportation whilst on the move then slide out when you reach your destination. If you look at the ceiling you can see the joins where they slide out.

Comes complete with full size clothes washer and drier.

The bed is 6ft wide 6ft 8ins long.

 Full size American domestic refrigerator.

Lounge with side facing seat belts, a no no in the UK

Breakfast room with kitchen to the right and another large TV.

Underfloor storage modules.

The vehicle is 42ft long and 12ft 10ins high, try using that on a UK campsite.

The other side showing the slide outs of this new 2016 model. It has two washrooms a 150 gallon fuel tank and is 8ft 6ins closed up and nearly 13ft high. all pulled by a 450 hp engine.

This folks I am sorry to say is our new to us Winnebago " Winnie Two Shoes"
I have a leaflet if anyone wants to purchase the American version.
Thanks for looking, Mike