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Sunday, 21 August 2016

Up and Away at Bristol

Hi folks

 Sad story now,

This 7 meter balloon which was designed with NASA imagery and was due to be part of the main display unfortunately lost its helium in a puncture caused by the wind on the Thursday morning. I managed to see it and get a shot before it deflated. The exhibit was to be used in the night glow display and the chairs were set out so that you could look at it whilst listening to music.

Before close up of the now deflated moon, I was lucky to get it. Would have looked lovely lit up in the night sky

On a brighter note lots of balloons took to the air after the wind abated Saturday.

Early morning lift from the camp site.

Sundays lift and lots more in the air.

Last lift on Sunday night as they flew towards Bristol airport, our van even got in the picture.
Thanks for looking, Mike

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Night Glow Bristol Balloon Feista

Hi again folks.

as Thursday evening fell the night glow started, this consisted of two rows of tethered balloons set off there burners to music and lighting up the sky, it was truly magical.

Start of inflation on a windy evening.

Crowds waiting in anticipation.

Fantastic display to music.

Dancing Balloons as night fell.

Followed by a firework displace which I took back at the campsite.

Hope you all enjoyed that, thanks for looking. Mike

Bristol Balloon Feista #2

Hi folks, a selection of close ups today

Actually a motorized airship fully maneuverable.

The Longleat Lion.

Had to be a Minion.

Liked the way these came out of the trees, last two taken back at the campsite. Thanks for looking we had a fantastic time with the Avon group of the MCC.  Thanks for looking, Mike

Friday, 19 August 2016

Bristol Balloon Fiesta #1

Hi folks,
a few more from the launch site.


Tibetan Balloon with its sibling. (close up below)

Model of the main balloon to the left, it was tethered and the burner was operated by remote control.

All shapes were aloft the centre one had a motor and rudder and was quite maneuverable.

Through Ashton Court Park main gate note the car park, this was 7,30 am Sunday morning.

Loved this shaped one, drink anyone?

As whey rose above the trees from the park it was a magical sight.

Final one from the launch field, would you believe it the smoke was from barbecues around the field as people cooked there breakfast. Thanks for looking Mike

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2016

Hi folks,

Just a few of the setting up in the field prior to launch, this was 7am in the morning with cloud in the sky.

The green smoke in the bottom right of the picture shows all go for launch.

As you can see lots of activity to get \ready for the mass launch.

Very busy time with lots of coordination on the field.

First one up the  Tribute which is used to gauge the conditions and direction before the mass release.

Off they go, lots more to show and thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Royal Military Canal, Hythe

Hi folks,
today we went to this part of Kent to look at the sea and the canal which runs along the edges of the town, a total of 28 miles.

The canal was built to defend England from Napoleon and it ran from Folkestone to Rye to protect the Marches from invasion from the French.

There were at one time 1,500 men working on the canal, dug entirely by hand by navvies or navigators using picks and shovels with the soil being carried away using wheelbarrows.  


Statues of two navvies with pick and shovel stand close to the canal at Hythe.

Very quiet and peaceful with a few people, passing ducks and a couple of hired small boats.

Soldiers of the Royal Staff Corp supervised the work and this Memorial is dedicated to them although no particular uniform is depicted.

Last picture for today is Granddaughter Daisy playing aeroplanes on the rocky sea defenses by the beach at Hythe before ice cream time.  Mike