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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

The other side of the Coin

Hi folks,
this time the War and Peace Revival from a different angle. I got talking to Hubertus, a German re-enactor whilst I was going about with the camera, he told me his father was in the Bregarde and he wanted to show it. This is Hubertus throwing imitation snow into the air at the end of setting up the display. You may well remember him a few blogs ago planting the tree.

He likes to be called "Lucky" and I am in contact via e-mail with him.

Another view of the display, still scattering snow about.

His friend also got into the act, it was surreal considering the heat of the day.

This Fraulein was on the way back to her tent to do some sewing.

This was on her table and one of the men was about to take the red cotton away but I asked him to leave it as I thought it was rather poignant.

Outside the tents.

This is Paul, he is a  British re-enactor and he collects Leica cameras and had a darkroom in the rear of his tent to develop his negatives although he did it at night due to the bright sunshine.  We spent a long time talking cameras as you can imagine.

Hope you enjoyed the trip to the other side and thanks again for looking.

Best regards, Mike.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Not all Guns, some Roses as well

Hi folks,

Just a few more from the Folkestone event, this is what greeted us whilst having breakfast on the camping field.

I think this chap was Japanese as I tried to move him into a spot away from the cars but I don't think he understood.

Now for a bit of Peace.

very patriotic dresses.

This in the stalls area reminded me of Dad's Army.

This dress caught my eye when the wind got up, smashing colours.

Time for a lunch break and a beer, two Americans and a German although the Sailor had a Geordie accent.

One of the workers with Gas Mask.

This one would not go down well today, the Airman being offered a cigarette by the nurse.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tanks for the Memory

Hi folks,

Just a few from the morning battle at War and Peace Revival, Folkestone last week. We had a great week there despite the dust.

This was a reenactment of a battle in the main arena.

Roll in the tanks.

These boys really entered into the spirit of the thing, love the mascots in plastic bags on the hatch. See the driver below with his goggles on, boy did he need them

Note the disabled sticker on the left hand front, apparently the driver really was. Just imagine him trying to park that in Tesco's. Later when we went to Sainsbury's the car park was full of Army vehicles getting their groceries and what a sight that was.

Apparently these beasts can inject fuel into the exhaust to make smoke to camouflage them.

This one didn't need to, dust everywhere.

As the battle continued the Germans took a direct hit.

Lastly the "mopping up" with the lads having a rough and tumble on the ground.

Thanks for taking the time to look.

Best regards, Mike

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St Mary in Castro, Dover

Hi folks,
whilst at Folkestone as you know we visited Dover Castle whilst on our weeks stay at the War and Peace site. Within the castle is a Saxon church circa 1000 which was built with material from a Roman lighthouse on the same place in fact there was originally two towers as lighthouses to help with shipping many years ago.

You can clearly see the Roman lighthouse to the side of the church now used as a bell tower it is made of flint.

Inside is the magnificent altar with tiles from the Roman lighthouse. The windows are  in fact two  images superimposed and then cut out by my wife to reveal the stain glass and the interior of the church without blowing out the colour in the windows.

To the side are arches 28 feet high with projecting tiles giving a wonderful effect.  

View of the roof timbers and the tiled walls, so different from most churches.

The Lectern in front of the alter.

The light over this section of the church burns all the time to remember the dead as this is a thriving church serving the army and the community.

Lastly these flowers adorn the church in front of the tiled walls.

The church is well worth a visit if you ever go to Dover Castle, enjoy.

Best regards, Mike

Monday, 22 July 2013

Daisy's Birthday Party

Hi folks,

on Saturday we visited Daisy in Ashford and attended her fifth birthday party with her Mum and Dad, Sister and Brother and a load of little people.  It was only a two hour event and afterwards we returned to the house for a drink as she started to unwrap her presents.

Daisy at her party,

Back home she had the time if her life checking out her presents.

Finally the one in the dark, taken with the Panasonic  GH3 and a 2-8 lens at 3200 ISO at 1/40th of a second, this had to be handheld. The only light was from the two candles,

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Dover Castle

Hi folks,

sorry for the lack of blogs due to the position of the campsite and the miserable internet connection in the site we stayed on.
A few days ago we visited Dover Castle and toured the war tunnels and had a good look around. The weather was misty but we managed a few of the bay where the channel ferries come in.

The Great Square Tower.

Shall I climb to the top?

Why not, view across the after the 116 steps to the top. see the kiddy winks, they look like ants from up here, " keep in line boys and girls".

Looking out towards Calais but alas nothing to see due to the weather.

Around the base of the castle perched high above the cliffs with many cannon to defend it.

Drawbridge to Tower.

Going back past a section of the curtain wall.  

Sorry I have not posted any more but the site we are on is dead wifi wise so I could only post from the service area as I have done before. Will try to catch up on the other blogs that |I have missed once I have returned home.

Thanks as always for taking the time to look.

Best Regards, Mike,

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Preparing for Battle! at the War and Peace Revival.

Hi folks,

Well truly ensconced on site and with loads of " happy campers" we continue to enjoy looking around and stayed on site to get a feel of the event..

This is the site of the North London Barmy Army, love the sign.

A few tanks to get you in the mood for the show.


Under the camouflage net.

This lot were digging trenched and planting trees?? " I think is would look better over there Eric"

Here's Luka, sunning herself as her master keeps digging holes sorry trenches.

Just a brief look at whats going on.

See you later, thanks for dropping in.

Best Regards, Mike.