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Thursday, 8 September 2016

Bexhill Car Show

Hi folks just a snapshot of the car show at the rally the other weekend.

1927 Bentley

1927 Humber 9/20

Modified Ford Popular.

1957 Chevrolet

1954 Chevrolet.

Finishing off with a modern Porsche.  Thanks for looking, Mike

Monday, 5 September 2016

Party Time Bexhill

Hi again folks,

As nigh time falls its time to go to the hall to be entertained, we had three groups at this event so lots of time to dance and have fun. 

As a thank you to the committee a collection was organised by the campers and a thank you card from all off us for there fantastic pull out all the stops effort after the fire at Selsey.

One of our star Carole who missed the proceedings as she was walking her dog Reggie.

The Headliners entertained us.

Saturday the family arrived to take us out for lunch and join us in the evening.

As a surprise to us we were presented with a card signed by the campers at the rally and a bottle which went down wonderfully.

 Third evening was the fantastic Dad Pack the highlight of the weekend.

Great entertainment and thanks to the committee for putting on a fantastic event after the fire at Selsey. Mike

Bexhill with the Sussex MCC

Hi folks,
last weekend we should have been going to Selsey Academy for the bank holiday weekend but as most of you know it suffered a fire and burnt down and we relocated to St Richards, Bexhill. The Sussex club did a fantastic job of rearranging the rally to Bexhill to which we the members are very grateful. The next few blogs are a snapshot of what went on including our 50th wedding anniversary.

The Trattoria Italiana for our anniversary lunch venue with our son Ian, his wife Claire and our granddaughter Daisy.  A very enjoyable meal it was too, finished off with Champagne.

Ready for the car show featured later.

The surprise was these two Iguanas sunbathing on the grass on the promenade note the owner, or his knees were close by. 
Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Bristol Cathedral

Hi folks,
sorry for my absence as I had a few problems with the computer. So much so that it was beyond repair so at great expense here I am back with a new one which I hope will last a long time.
The  Cathedral pictures were  taken whilst at the Balloon Fiesta

Outside view showing the North Window in this the new Naive build in the 1860's

Close up of the window from the inside

Shots of the Vaulted roof.

Elder Lady Chapel c 1220.

High Alter c 1899.

The Chapter house.

The Union flag draped in Poppies on either side in the South Transept

Flower decoration within the Cathedral.

Choirs stalls with Misericords organ from 1296,

The Naive looking towards the high alter.

Lastly not a Poppy but is reminded me of one in the Garden outside the cafe where we had a nice drink in the sunshine. Thanks for looking, Mike