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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Walmer Castle, Late Queen Mother's Garden.

Hi folks,

well you have seem the Castle, now the gardens.

Nice display arranged into the Castle wall.

I didn't think they needed any explanation, I hope you enjoyed the flowers as much as I did photographing them.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Monday, 30 July 2012

Walmer Castle

Hi folks,

Well this week is all upside down with Ian having his eye op and collection Daisy for a few days, we went to Ashford via Walmer on Sunday. The weather was ok not hot but breezy so a good day was spent at the castle before picking Daisy up later in the day.

First  a view from the road which goes along the sea front.

Inside looking over the Battlements with the road and out to sea. It looked really blue that day and we both commented on it.

Back at the main gatehouse entrance after parking the car we entered a courtyard with tea rooms and toilets.

From inside the kitchen garden area looking towards one of the Bastions

Cannon mounted on the Bastions looking out to sea.

More Cannons protecting the castle

The ramparts were covered in wild flowers, growing from the brickwork.

Bridge from first floor Bastion to garden across the ditch.

View from below in the ditch (I thought it was a moat but I am reliably informed that a moat has water and a ditch does not).

Well that's the first glimpse of the outside of the castle, they wont let you take photographs inside so I made the next blog of the gardens in which Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother spent a lot of time in, so you are in for a treat.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Rye, Going Out to the Sea

Hi folks,

For the final part of our trip to Rye Harbour we walked out to the shoreline.

The tide was now starting to go out and the last of the fishing boats were leaving the harbour for the sea now low on the water.

Suddenly there was a woosh as the lifeboat came thundering down the channel to go to an incident on Camber Sands beach behind.

It was now early evening and the speed boats were making their way out to sea.

Walking back towards the car park I spied a lone rabbit trying to hide behind a weed, he didn't make a very good job of hiding.

More fast boats leaving Rye Harbour heading for the sea.

To finish is the rescue boat returning to its' Station, it had gone out twice while we were there.

Well that's the lot from Rye, East Sussex, I hope you enjoyed our walk.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Rye Harbour

Hi folks,

I will continue our trip in Rye with a glimpse of the the town from a different perspective.

This is the Ypres Tower which houses the Rye Museum from which is on top of the hill in the town.
This shot was taken from the Harbour looking up the hill, note the house rooftops on the foreground.

One of the many anchors scattered about the Harbour area.

Ferryman's cottage, Ronmey Marsh sheep used to swim the Rother from the marshes whilst the shepherd was taken across in a boat. Not only did the sheep have to swim but also the sheepdog as the shepherd had to pay extra for the dog. Unfortunately new buildings were erected behind.
A bridge across the Rother was not built till 1890 and there was a market in the town of Rye to sell the sheep.

Back in the car we headed out to the Rye village, parked up beside and walked along  the tow path towards the sea. 

  Different type of Thistle.

Later the tide was in and the fishing boats started to make there way out to sea.

Whilst sailing boats were making there way in to moor for the evening. Note the new Windmills on Romney Marsh behind.

On the right as you walk out there is a bird reserve with various waders about but alas they were to far away to photograph.

Inside the hide were wonderful; areas of salt flats but I think because the tide was in they were all further out. I might have a trip out with Trev and have a try some time when the tide is right.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Rye and the Fishermen

Hi folks,

On Wednesday after dropping Daisy off we headed for the Market town of Rye in East Sussex to uncover the fishing side of the area.

We arrived and parked up at the lower part of the town and walked onto the unloading area called Simmons Quay.

We were greeted by boats of all shapes and sizes waiting for the tide to turn and go fishing.

Across the harbour these three were waiting in anticipation for the fish to arrive.

Scattered about were these lobster pots waiting to be loaded onto the boats.

These very colourful nets where laying about on the dock intertwined with rusty jibs.

More nets scattered about.

Come on men, I want my dinner.

On the bank the three are still waiting down by the water but the tide was out.

Along further was this display of nets, I wondered if it was to keep the Gulls out or just decoration.

This chap defied the plastic spikes in the post for a view down the river.

Looking into a lobster pot, these looked new. I wondered if it was a new design.

Finally on the wall was this tile pattern depicting the Fishing at sea.

Thanks for dropping by, more to follow.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Thursday, 26 July 2012

River Trip the Return

Hi folks, this is the final part of the river trip from the Malta Inn to Maidstone. 

Sorry about all the white blocks it is the Blogger site

We had just another turn to make and we arrive in the heart of the town. It is a very pleasant place with the boats are getting ready for the river pageant this week end.

One of the main shops in the middle of the town.

Clock tower in the centre of the town we were five minutes early.

Yes the picture is straight, I think the barge it is fitted to has sprung a leak giving the Restaurant a bit of a list causing trouble with the serving of the soup.

The Archbishops Palace behind the wonky restaurant. 

Off we went back up the river law courts on the right.

There where more that one boat taking passengers into Maidstone.

The cottage from the last blog at a different angle showing the Narrow boat and the jetty.

These were having loads of fun messing about on the river.

Arriving back at the Malta Inn with a few less people about.

Well at the end of the trip there had to be a group photo to remember the trip.

Hope you enjoyed the run into Maidstone as much as we did.

Thanks for looking,

nite nite, luv Mike XX