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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Arrival at the Meadow and going out with a Punch

Hi folks,
last in the batch of the Carnival in Farnham and thanks for tagging along.

Local boxing team putting on a show.

Being carried the last leg.

Getting all in a twirl.

Fantastic decoration on this float.

Marines bringing up the rear.

Meanwhile at Gostrey Meadow the sideshows waiting to entertain the public.

With a play area for the children.

Refreshments and a sit down.

Lastly followed up by music from the stage.

That's it! hope you enjoyed the carnival as much as we did, thanks for looking. Hope to be back with the Surrey Motor Caravaners Club again next year.  Mike

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Star Wars v The Footballers

Hi again folks,
hope I am not boring you, below a few more on the parade through the town of Farnham.

At last a Wobbly Death star

That's some headgear


What a unique hat.

Town crier making a noise.


Football crazy line up.

Approaching  Gostrey Meadow and the last few in the blog.

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Farnham Carnival Send Off

Hi Folks,
Still at the start watching the wonderful costumes making there way out of the car park to start there journey around the town.

Where is the Death Star, look next time and find it!  All the best, Mike

Monday, 27 June 2016

Farnham High Street gets Attacked!

Hi folks,
last weekend we attended the Farnham Carnival which had a theme of Disney, Super Heroes and Fairy Tales, it's an annual event in Farnham.  The Surrey MCC group put on a rally to coincide with the Carnival weekend, camping in the park at the top on the hill close to Farnham Castle, we were able to walk into the town.
Thanks again to the group for a fantastic weekend and although we spent a lot of time dodging the rain the event stayed dry and the Carnival was a huge success.
I studied the map and went to three locations on the route starting at Upper Hart Car Park then followed the route into the town and ending up at the Gostrey Meadow with a Fair going on throughout the weekend.

Star Wars attack on the High Street.

Couple of the guys setting up in the car park.

Turtle alert!

Captain Mainwaring leading the parade...................

Off he goes in his little car. (I'm in charge)

101 Dalmatians, great costumes.

Batman, doing his thing.

How do you keep the mask on the dog?

Some of the characters getting ready for the off.

People who have seen the film will identify this strange object.

Parade will follow, we had a great time and the rain stayed away, see you soon, Mike