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Monday, 31 March 2014

Painters Forstal in the Spring

Hi folks,

well we have been away again for a smashing weekend down on the farm, Painters Farm to be precise with all the gang from the Kent and Sussex Auto Camping Club and although it was a bit chilly in the evenings the daytime was gorgeous.

Rally Field with us all on our own in the sunshine, that's mine the only Motorhome there this weekend.

Painters Farm with apple trees in the foreground on our walk.

Rows and rows of trees just starting to bud, I was amazed at how straight the trees were pruned.

Rustic Barn for storing the fruit.

Daffodils by the roadside.

Blossom in the blue sky on the way back to the site.

Painters Farm.

Lastly a post box for James in Florida, see we do get sunshine.

Thanks for dropping by.

Luv, Mike

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Ightham Moat Around the Grounds

Hi folks,

to add to from the other day here are a few more of the estate and gardens including some Fungi.

Thanks for looking.

Luv, Mike

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ightham Moat

Hi folks,

today we went out for some supplies and ended up at this pleasant National Trust House near Sevenoaks Kent.

Built in 1320 and there are 70 rooms in the house and it is surrounded on all four sides buy a moat.

One of the three bridges crossing the moat.

The National Trust took it over in 1965 and it was restored in 2004

Walled gardens are a sight to see.

I love this time of year when the Daffodils fight with the weather to survive, this year I hope they win.

Interesting gardens surround the house with a variety of trees and flowers.

Lots of interesting facts on the building can be found on the web, a few more images to follow and well worth a visit if you are in the area.
Thanks for looking.

Luv, Mike

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Last look at the Church in Appledore

Hi folks,
returning to the church for a last look around before our return home last Sunday.

South Altar with it's simplistic design.

An attractive niche in the wall.

Part of the Appledore Tapestry which was worked to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the first incumbent, it was designed by Mrs Monica Woodhouse and made up by her and Mrs Liz Marsham and Mrs Joanna Edwards parishioners at the time.    

The tapestry is approximately 20 foot long and illustrates the history of Appledore. It starts off when the Danes invaded in 892 to 1988 when it was completed.

Kneeling cushions commemorating Charles and Diana's Wedding.

Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson's wedding.

and finally Prince Harry's birth

North Chapel

Acorn on the cover of the font representing birth

Painting of the Royal Arms of George III on the west wall.

Outside in the sunshine, over 8,000 burials in the churchyard.

Lastly another look at the clock tower which I have been informed a friends father now deceased, wound the clock.

Thanks for coming with me on the journey to Appledore.

Luv, Mike

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

St. Peter and St. Paul, Appledore

Hi folks,

Continuing on, sorry about the mistake yesterday but we all make them, we went into the church to investigate its interior and the tapestry. The church is situated at the Royal Military Canal end of the Street and was built in the 13th Century with 14th Century additions

Here is a brief history on the sign outside.

Inside is a familiar ridge beam and crown post so common in early churches

Oil lamp.

One of the many pillars supporting the naive with sunlight streaming in through the west window.

Close up of the window, loved the light patterns.

There are two roofs of this church, this one is a later design on the south side suggesting it was added after a fire at a later date.

Main Altar window.

15th century Font with the west window.

The name Appledore comes from Saxon Apuldre meaning an apple tree.

Thanks for looking more to follow.

Luv, Mike

Monday, 17 March 2014

Appledore Camping Weekend

Hi folks,

Back again after a smashing weekend away in Appledore which is situated on the marshes not too far from Rye in East Sussex.  We stayed on a site just outside the small town so we could walk in and see its' attractions, there is a nice pub, an interesting church and houses dating back as far as the 17th century.  We picked up a leaflet published by the Appledore Local History Society which gives the low down on many of the old properties, a fascinating read.

First picture shows the entrance to the site with the Royal Military Canal behind the reeds.

The camp site is in a secluded area behind trees which hide it from the road.  The only noise we had over the weekend were two or three motorbikes cruising around the bend.

Once set up we strolled into the town picking out the blossom as we went on this fantastic mid March weekend.

Daffodils were everywhere. 

Even these wonderful Magnolia coming into bloom from a huge tree in a garden. 

Houses also added to the display.

Walking back to the site over the canal.

Back on site more vans were arriving and everyone was getting into the Spring spirit.  I hasten to add that I did not have a try of this, it looked too dangerous for someone of a nervous disposition.

Light up and lets have a Barbie, Chris in the foreground showing that there is no smoke without fire.

In the town we explored the church, more on that later.

Luv Mike