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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lullingstone Roman Villa Trip

Hi folks,

Right, out and about today.  As we have joined English Heritage we have to make the most of the joining fee, picnic packed, off we went to somewhere we had never been before.

At the entrance, a nicely designed building with a tea shop.

As we moved inside, Wow what a sight. A massive area all set out with loads of information about its Roman history.

These busts, made of marble were dug up from nearby, they both suffered with missing noses. There was a slide show every so often highlighting different areas as the story of the place unfolded.  Really interesting and cleverly down as the lights moved from one scene to the next.

This was the Mosaic entrance hall which would have greeted people as they entered the building.

Plenty for the children to do, this activity area was great for the little ones to get involved.  As you can see we picked our time to enter between the school parties, who I must say were very well behaved.

Daisy enjoyed herself with the Mosaic tiles which were semi magnetic.

I got her to stand very still, which is very difficult for a three year nine month old child but I explained what I wanted to do and she obliged.

Moving around this was where underfloor heating was, they had that in those days.

There were loads of different dipping rooms including a "Cold Plunge" to go in throughout the site which you could see into from the balcony.

These were a few of the many I took in there, hope you enjoyed our mini tour.  Well worth a visit.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv mike XX


  1. That was a most interesting post Mike... super pictures and a real flavour of your day out ... I have been there but some time back .. a fascinating place.

    Eileen (Time-Team fan)

  2. First of all Mike, I dont know how I missed your posts ?????
    I think I might be losing the plot !!!
    A fascinating post, with lots of information....thank you Mike.
    Chris and Dave R

  3. I have been here many times driving a coach packed with people and school trips and every time I found it interesting