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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Quirky London Part 2

Hi folks,

well to continue with my quirky look around London, what was she commenting on...........??????????

This to the uninitiated is Boris Johnson, The London Mayor, Eileen doesn't like him as he wants to build an Airport on her house.

Apart from this he is presiding in the Arm Forces week where the flag was raised in a ceremony to start the week, I went on Monday. The event was very colourful and I only bumped into it going towards Tower Bridge.

Strike up the band.

Dignities not really taking and notice of Boris apart from the Chelsea Pensioners.

That's it blow your own trumpet.

Reflection one for Trevor.

Listening to Boris

 Can we go down the pub now sir?

Was that quirky? well no, but I had to put it in to show the pomp of London.

Back to earth I continued along the river past this shop, exterminate!

Strange, yes really strange, this is.

Head of Invention by Eduardo Paolozzi, .................. more about this in my next Quirky blog.

Thanks for dropping bye.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Friday, 29 June 2012

The Quirky Side of London

Hi again folks,

On Monday I had my usual jaunt to London, this has happened every month for about six months and I have put up the usual shots associated with my long walks around London, i.e. Tower Bridge London Eye etc. This time I thought about more unusual shots, enjoy.

At first you think it is only a postcard but it you look closely you will see the rack it's standing in.

This is Hays Galleria, an eating area by the river. This really strange Sculpture is called the Navigators by David Kemp with figures steering it along the water.

This must be the Admiral of the fleet with that hat.

and this one must be the Captain with his beard.

The rear of the Belfast, ok you think. See the man on the deck, he is fast asleep. (you can see more if you click on the image). he is honest, I stood there for 5 minutes and he did not move.

Old and the new. Old Barge tie ring in the river wall with a modern chain.

This mask made of wire is at the entrance to the Old Operating Theatre by London Bridge station. This a museum of old operating equipment used in bygone ages.

At Boris's Gaff there is a Sculpture of a egg and this chap was having fun hiding behind it.

More sculptures this one is called " London's Calling" I thought they where old Telephone boxes but they where plastic mock ups, shame.

I think these are for the Olympics, see City hall and the Shard behind.

What's going on at City Hall this young lady is introducing .....................?

you will find out later in the next Quirky blog of London.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Leeds Castle and the Squirrels

Hi folks,

just to tie up the two blogs after our trip out yesterday to the Castle.

Trev a friend, Sue the wife and I decided to have a look around after taking Daisy our granddaughter back to Ashford. As we arrived the weather looked a bit grey but we pressed on regardless.

This Coot looked a bit grey as well as it swam across the lake. It seemed to be collecting food so we investigated and found a nest under the board walk and you could just see the chicks with their flame coloured heads through the slats. The most strange creatures you ever did see, not sure Trev got a picture.

 A White Peacock appeared further up the slope attracting the attention of a female.

We noticed that the foliage was a bit lifeless with not a lot of colour about for this time of year. This Rodedendron was a splash of colour in the landscape which cheered us up.

Across the lake where loads of Graylags, this one thought we had some food.

Then we spotted these little critters scampering about all over the place. We joked that on another blog we look at there were two dogs that like to chase Squirrels. These dogs, Daisy and Holly have adventures that we follow daily, here is the link....  

This one was in the Summer House by the lake.

There, I finished off with almost the same picture that Trevor took. What a nice fellow he was,take a close look Daisy and Holly, this is about as close as you are ever likely to get.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Moat Park Kite Festival. 2

Hi folks,

back to the kites which I thoroughly enjoyed as I had been away from it for a while with sinus problems. With a clean bill of health till check up at Christmas time to get involved with the club a bit more.

Stork doing it's flypast

Wonderful design (could you comment on the design Mike P)

Splendid Rokkaku with it's lovely colours.

Another variation on a box kite

Another soft kite see the air is funnelled through it's body.

Club Deltas giving a great show at the end.

With there long tails.

And last but by no means least most of the club flying in the closing stages.

Thanks for looking I had a great time being back on the flying field again.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Mote Park Kite Festival Maidstone Kent

Hi folks,

Sunday was the first Kent Kite Flyers Festival at Moat Park Maidstone in Kent.

It was well attended even though it started with would believe too much wind but the club got the event under way without to many hiccups.

First of is a Crystal which as you can see is a single line kite with sails, small but in every direction enabling it to be stable in the sky. As you can see the weather didn't look promising but the forecast said it would improve.

Sure enough the sun popped it's head out as you can see. These are just streamers fixed to a kite line giving a nice coloured effect. 

Next is an open box kite also stable in gusty winds

This is Bill about to fly a Waldof Hexagonal Box Kite which is very large as you can see.

It looked magnificent in the sky.

Next was the display team with a wonderful couple of two line kites giving a display to music.

The sky then brightened leaving wonderful cloud effects

Well into the routine, you have to inagine the music.

At the end of the display the kites returned to earth on there tips without any damage, it was a superb bit of flying and wonderful to watch.

A variation on a winged triangular box kite known as a Conyne of French military box kite with drogues for stability.

This wonderful Eagle sawed across the sky like the real thing.

Last was a Flowform which is a soft kite that means no spars to break and  using a drogue to keep it stable.

Hope you liked your first look at kites, I will show more in part two.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Jubilee Flower festival Conclusion

Hi folks,

This is the last ones of the flowers.

I think I have sorted the computer out although I had a lot of "housekeeping" to do getting rid of old files etc. to make the old girl run faster.

Diamond Jubilee, note the Crown. 

England, Ireland ,Scotland and Wales. Dont ask about the Beer bottles they were from another display.

Finally St Margaret's window.

I really enjoyed my time in the Church on Saturday although my legs where a bit stiff in Sunday after climbing the tower which I now have a certificate for. The people were so friendly and answered my questions and gave me a run down on the churches history which was very interesting. This church is well worth a visit.

Thanks for dropping by.

nite nite, luv mike XX