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Sunday, 30 November 2014

Whatman Park

Hi folks,
just a few more from Saturdays jaunt in the sunshine.

Ah, a boat at last.

The island's nature reserve where the Medway veers off it's path and makes this water course.

The Millennium Bridge from the river.

Detail in the bridge which I think its construction was unique with a single support

Main steps from the river bank to the bridge.

Another seat shot, the leaves showing winter is on its way and not many visitors.

Maidstone United Football Ground from the park, they won 2-0 against VCD Athletics (Crayford Towns FC) who after looking at their results were not doing great anyway, 22nd in the Ryman Premiere League. Maidstone are 2nd, Margate 1st.

Thanks for looking and have a great week, Mike

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Whatman Park, Maidstone, Kent

Hi folks,
managed to get in a bit of photography today and went to this park on the edge of Maidstone which was beside the Medway.
We crossed the Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge into the park across the river. Not many boats about today.

The park was nearly deserted with everyone going shopping for Christmas.

Even the seats stayed empty waiting for the spring.

The River Stage in the centre of the park.

Section of the uniquely designed roof.

Most of the leaves had fallen  but this Acer was still giving a show.

The "DNA Sculpture" rings at the end of the park.

Halfway and over the Moncktons Lane Bridge leading out of the park where we turned around to make our way back via a different route. 

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 23 November 2014

World War One Presentation 2

Hi folks,
To complete this visit to The Old Forge War Time House in Sittingbourne, Kent

Ready for action!!

Taking a cigarette break during the proceedings.

Stray shell case.

The sign was to collect urine to put on cloth to alleviate the effect of gas in the trenches, Ugh!!

Very realistic setup of the trenches.

Finally a big thank you to the Sittingbourne Home Front Living Society for all the time and effort in putting on this event which was free and all they asked for was a donation to the British Legion Poppy Appeal Collection.

A splash of colour to end the blog, thanks for popping in, Mike

Saturday, 22 November 2014

World War One Presentation

Hi folks,
today we visited the Old Forge in Sittingbourne to get a last glimpse of the trenches built to commemorate the start of WW1. Below are some of the images I took which I have split into two parts. The helmet was actually introduced into the war in 1915.

As you enter the area you are recruited and signed up.
 My date of birth was 22nd February 1887,  previous military service was given as scouts.

In the rear of the property soldiers paraded in their uniforms. Although they were re-enactors it brought home the back fact that many were very young.

The barbed wire looked authentic but it was actually made from grey thin electrical flex. In the first war the barbs were two fingers apart whilst in the second they were four fingers apart using less wire.

Part of the trench layout adorned with poppies. 

Last image although it was staged shows the conditions.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Last of the Autumn Colours

Hi folks,

well by the time the weekend is over all the leaves on the trees will be on the ground marking the start of winter so I thought I had better get out and take a last look.
These were taken close to home on one of my walks around the estate.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Walmer and Children in Need

Hi folks,

Yesterday, Sue and I went to the "Light up the Sky" event with the Kent Kite Flyers to put on a display and raise a few bob to "Children in Need".  The event was nearly called off due to the inclement weather but after a day of rain the clouds parted and the wind got up.

The first two shots were taken as the sun set over Walmer.

The event consisted of kites adorned with lights which rotated and flashed in the evening light, the first one is Kevin's.

Gareth's Delta, although it was taken using a tripod the kite moving in the air giving, I think, a pleasing effect.

Heather's Delta with a very unusual array of lights forming a rider on a bike.

View of the bandstand with various displays built by club members.

Finally just before the rain started another view across towards the road. 

Several people, many with children came up and admired the scene and asked questions about the kites.  Len had a bucket for donations to "Children in Need" and hopefully we were able to do a little something to add to what has already been collected.  As it was dark, cold and rather damp I have yet to find out our total.

Thanks for looking and I hope you have enjoyed our contribution to the Event.

Regards, Mike