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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Riverside with Sue and Margaret

Hi folks,

yesterday was a trip to Hempstead to buy some shoes for Sue, luckily I took her little gem of a camera as we ended up at Gillingham Riverside. It was a fantastic afternoon and with the help of her little camera I got these.

This is the Waterloo, a boat wreck which at every tide fills up with water and it trickles out of this hole leaving a nice set of colours

 You can just see the hole by the propeller shaft.

A bit of rust on the boat.

We walked on to Horrid Hill and the cloud formations said it all.

Walking back to the car park.

Last one before we left.

Just goes to show, never leave the camera at home.

All the best, Mike

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Broadstairs in the Sun and Sue

Hi folks,

just a few more of last weeks trip.

Lunch in the Royal Albion Hotel, not really swish just fish and chips.

Magnificent Victorian clock above the shelter.

In the town I spied these from Star Wars, trapped behind a first floor window.

and the Pub facard looked in keeping.

Just had to put this one in with it's double meaning.

Lastly from me an Apex above a pub in the high street.

Then Sue's, she is learning fast and is very good at pointing out various scenes and angles for me and has the eye for it so i thought that as I bought her a camera for Christmas she should use it. The Camera is a Panasonic Lumix GM5, very small and is mirrorless just like my GH4. The idea is that I can nick it on my walks and also fit my lenses on it, I ain't stupid. It has a viewfinder as well so can be used in bright light.

Here she is with it in action.

Below are her shots with the camera and I think you will agree she has done really well.

Her theme was " Waiting for Summer".

Last one, I love this shot and I am proud she is my wife, well done.

Thanks and that's it from our joint trip to Broadstairs, I hope you enjoyed it.

Mike and Sue

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Sunny Valentine Saturday

Hi folks
continuing on with our weekend trip to Broadstairs and after a rotten Friday night the sun appeared on Saturday to greet us. After breakfast we set off down to the sea again for a better look now the weather had improved.
Passing a shop window we noticed this.

On the top of the cliffs as if by magic this shop opened up with all the beach trimmings.

So colourful it felt like spring in the sunshine.

As some of you may know I brought Sue a camera for Christmas with the same format as my large camera but with a smaller body. Sue is still getting used to it but is doing very well, the shot below is one of Sues and she has a great eye.

Looking across the bay from the cliff with Bleak House in the distance.

Close up of Bleak House with my 300mm lens.

This one is in the oppostite direction showing the cliffs and the footpath below.

More to follow as we walked around the town.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Monday, 16 February 2015

Blowy Broadstairs

Hi folks,

just back from a fantastic weekend with the Motor Caravanners' Club and on the journey  the sun shone and all was right with the world. We parked on the harbour wall and then this happened.....

Well it is February after all. Not being put off I got the camera out and took a few shots.

The birds seemed to be having fun. 

Except him.

Then it rained.

After a while it eased off but the wind was something else and the sea got rough.

And all the birds disappeared

Well as they say, "every picture tells a story" but things looked up once the weekend arrived.

More later, Mike

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sunday Market at Lenham

Hi folks,
last Sunday we had a trip to this little town now out on a limb after the opening of the M20 a few years ago.

To our surprise this Frenchman called Eric was there selling his delicacy's

Eric doing his thing.

also there was this unique stall.

Spinach Pie anyone?

Thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Trip to Greenwich.

Hi folks,

Just back from a freezing cold day at Greenwich with a few from the local Facebook Camera club.

Couple of the group.

Greenwich Mean Time.

Nelson looking towards the Thames with pigeon.

Canary Wharf.

Couple of shots from the covered market.


Inside an local art shop, manikin covered with oil paints squeezed from tubes and allowed to dry.

"Jesus Resting", cast iron statue under a sideboard in the shop 

Lastly the ornate gates at the entrance to the park.

Thanks for looking, Mike