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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Short sharp day at Leeds Castle

Well as Sue was working today I was in charge of "little legs"and decided to go the famous Castle on the way to Ashford. Off we set complete with sandwiches drinks buggy and toilet seat, boy what a combination.

As we arrived the weather looked a bit grim as you can see in the first shot of the castle, but undetured we carried on up the path through all the nice Daffs by the stream.

We then stopped at a seat  by the stream to have lunch, It was all nice and peaceful until a Peacock decided to mussel in on Daisy's sandwich and instead of getting it's picture I ended up shooing it away and missed the shot.

It was nice by the stream and we continued to eat our lunch.

I have tried and tried to get good shots of  Daisy so I thought of a ploy. I changed to a long lens on the camera and left her on the seat and made out I was taking some flowers. I quickly turned around and got this shot, the only complaint is that she had a mouth full of food.

So as it got very cloudy I thought we should head back to the car before the rain came as got this rather nice white peacock. So all in all it was a good morning, well Daisy and I enjoyed it.

Back to the car Daisy wanted the toilet, so off we went, "nothing there" was the reply as we sat waiting in the loo waiting for something to happen, Back at the car she decided she wanted a wee, back to the toilet again, this tine success. Back to the car again, she then complained of a tummy ache, guess what, she wanted a Poo. I give up, back to the toilet we went, I was getting worried that someone would notice all these comings and goings to the toilet. After great jubilations she did it and we happily set off for Ashford, I thought we would have a sing song but she fell asleep. I felt a bit weary also.

All the best Mike

Saturday, 26 March 2011

One missed from last week

Hi folks,

Not a lot going on here apart from Trevor's gearbox repair and fitting new radio in his car. BTW still got the gearbox that should have been picked up Thursday, what a game.

Thought I would post another Daisy pic of her last week in her Jim Jams and the Scarrey Cardy.

More Daisy pictures at

Will be watching F1 tomorrow.

Have a great day   Mike

Friday, 25 March 2011

Return to Smallhythe Place

Hi Folks,

Sorry I was not on yesterday as I nearly completed my blog for the day and the silly computer decided to shut down all on it's own.

We went to Smallhythe place on Wednesday whilst returning from Ashford. As we are National Trust members we thought we would pop in. I was very surprised that the lady on the front desk said that I could take photographs IN the building. This has been a bone of contention with me since I joined the NT many years ago.

So off I went with my little GF1 that I always carry and had the time off my life, it was a lovely place to take images.

This is the hallway with a painting of Ellen Terry.

And finally a shot of her writing desk in her bedroom.

Theres' a load more at

Still getting used to this Blogging and nearly lost all this again.

Oh well, off to work I go

All the best, have a nice day, Mike

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Another Daisy day

Here we are, another Tuesday with our Daisy.

Had lots of fun in the park, up and down the slide all afternoon until she was worn  out..

Bit of a silly day really, went to the Savacentre in Sue's car as mine was blocked in by a gearbox on a pallet. Paid in some cheques and had lunch. Daisy loves the toy cars but she only sits it then as Dad Dad is a cheap scate and will not put a pound in for one ride.

We bought her a ball that lights up and makes a lot of noise which her Dad wont like so it will stay here.

Back home for tea and then packed her off to bed.

See you soon, Mike

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Silly day at the Medway with Trevor and 3 cameras

As I had a very frustrating day with a gearbox I decided to take the afternoon off and play with my 100-300 micro 4/3 lens. So after a session in Boomers, Trev and I went walk about on the footpath around St. Mary's Island. The shot below was handheld at 300mm, that's 600mm in 35mm.

The shot below was just for fun taken with  the 7-14, same scene at 7mm, that's 14mm in 35mm.

As it's 1am I will try to post some more Wednesday.

All the best Mike                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday and a Picture for Holly and Daisy

Hi folks, Just back form a day at the Riverside Country Park.
Thought I would give the GH2 a blast as it is a nice day and I had to work Saturday.

Here's one of Oby who had the time of this life with a stick and boy was he quick..

Image taken with standard 14-140 lens @ F8 1/1600sec ISO 800. Processed in Lightroom 3.3 at 108 mm,35mm equivalent.

Quite pleased with the result, hope you like it you two.

Best regards Mike

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Another Ruby Tuesday

As it's Tuesday again and Daisy day, (not to be confused with Holy and Daisy) we all decided to go to the Dockyard again. This would be the last time under this years pass as it runs out tomorrow.
So we packed a picnic and headed off to the Medway in the fog hoping the weather would improve. No such luck it was blooming freezing. Still undeterred we went into the Smithy to warn up and Daisy had a lot of fun chasing the boat patterns on the floor which move about with lights projected from the ceiling.
We then took our packed lunch into the Restaurant and sat up the back munching away on sandwiches after asking permission as it was blowing a gale outside. I then went back to the car for another layer of coats and set off for the Ropey.On the way there was a play area undercover that little legs spied so in we went to play. She had the time of her life in there as you can see. Notice the Cardy that Margaret made for her, it can in handy as Ian forgot to bring her coat but it way really warn and snug and she loved wearing it.

Then off we went to the Ropery tour with old Sir Steve as our tour guide, he's the one in the bowler hat. Daisy had a GREAT time in there and was given a piece of newly made rope as a present. She really behaved herself and is a credit to her Mum and Dad.

Well, that's all for now, poor Daisy is now fast asleep after a very tiring day out with Nan and Dad Dad

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

What a lovely day

As it was our day off with Daisy we decided to leave early to make the most of a good day. At 10 am we left to go and see the Deers at Knole Park.

Getting up there was easy, we parked in Sevenoaks, and went into Tescos for some sandwiches to eat in the park, drove to the gate entrance and low and behold they don't open for traffic till next week.

Undeterred we drove to Tonbridge to the park off the high street, paid £2-20 and proceeded to the swings in the park which Daisy loves. Guess what, they were closed as they were putting in a mini golf range. Off we trotted to the other side of the park and found a pair of swings by the castle so Daisy was happy.

We spent a lovely afternoon looking at the Squirrels by the castle taking a few shots of them with the camera, walking around the grounds win the warmth of the spring sun. A good day was had by all and guess what, Daisy wanted a last go on the swings before we decided to go home.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Off to the Seaside we go

Well here we are, another Sunday, all started out wrong. got a phone call from my Cousin in Ramsgate to say that his wife was ill and they would not be coming so that scuppered our plans for a day out. I wanted to try my new 100-300mm lens so we were going out anyway.

I phoned Tony my mate in Gillingham who was in the Greenhouse, best place to be this weather I thought. Can you and Glo come out to play I said pleadingly. Yes they said give us 90 minutes and you can pick us up. I thought as I do about my tummy and decided that it would be nice to eat out at a really nice cafe  and have Liver and Bacon for lunch, what a good idea they all said so we ordered 4 meals the same for lunch.

After a full belly we went along the front and nearly got out heads blown off as the wind was blowing a gale and it was freezing cold. After a while we took shelted in a shelter, well that's what they are for, and up came Daisey's mate so I took a quick snap for her.

Daisy's mate

The three stooges
Well after a look around the shops we decided to make tracks for home as the wind was very cold and we were getting tired. I was very pleased with the lens as I will post a couple on my photo site.

Photo link

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Another day done

Hi all,

Really tired, another a hard days graft still at least I earnt a few coppers.

The highlight of the day was when Daisy, Ian and Claire turned up to use the loo.

Came home with a 24 year old Nissan Sunny that a customer asked me to get rid of as his eyesight was failing. If I keep it for a year there would be no road tax to pay as it will be 25years old will have to wait a couple of weeks till it's MOT is due and see what happens. Could do someone a favour.

That's all for today, happy days, Bear in the air

Friday, 4 March 2011

Latest Daisy picture

Latest picture of our ever loving grand daughter with her new baby outfit that Auntie Margaret made

Right, that worked.

That worked in the post but not in the links section, Strange...........

Just trying something

Photo Link...

Summer on it's way, not.

Not a bad day today, shame I had to work but at least I was outside and getting some rays. I hate the winter.

On the camera front I bought a cheep Pentax  which I might suspend from a Kite when it gets warmer it's only diddy and is a couple of years old, more on that later.

Got to work tomorrow still I will get Sunday off.