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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Motor Caravanners Club National Party Night.

Hi again folks,
please excuse me for dotting about whilst I try to catch up. This batch is relevant to a lot of people that made Hickstead and the club National such a success. It was a great week and due to the internet I had trouble uploading images but now I feel better I will try to catch up.
The theme was the Queens birthday and as you can see below we had some fun. Here is just a few of our fun evening....

Wonderful table layout.

Kent's fantastic table decoration note the horse jumping over the fence, such a great idea.

Love the images of the queen in past years on the table.

Jillee, one of Kent groups committee members having fun.

"After The Break", a singing duo for party night.

The group sang for the evening and they were fantastic.

Fantastic night, well done MCC.



  1. looks like everyone was enjoying themselfs

  2. Brilliant time had by all.finally recovered after all the hard work.well worth it.

  3. Looks like a wowser of a 'do' Mike.. smashing pictures with the real flavour of the night! Thanks
    Eileen xx