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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Knole Park

Just a few for of the park but although we walked for ages only found deer in the distance which is unusual.

One and only shot all day.

This tree looked like a Deer or is it my imagination?

Hope is makes up for the dull and dreary days we have just had.

Regards, Mike

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Orangery, Knole Park

Hi folks,
Tuesday we visited Knole Park and due to extensive building works concentrated on the newly restored building in the Orangery. In January 2010 the Orangery and adjoining rooms came under National Trust control, the project was to create a new visitors centre and open up the area.

A copy of the statue Pereus slaying Medusa which was originally in the Great Hall in Knole and was moved in about 1911 to the Orangery for storage where it is today.

Close op of Medusa's head

Window detail in this originally double story building.

More images of the restored Orangery.

Looking out onto the courtyard.

Courtyard seating looking towards the house still occupied by the Sackville family.

Finally outside in the magnificent grounds and trees which adorn the estate.

A few more to follow on the next blog.

Regards, Mike

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Capstone Revisited

Hi folks,
knowing the weather was about to close in we visited a local park here in Kent to watch the wildlife and meet Harry again.

The park was very quite wildlife wise but the scenery made up for it and the sun shone.

Sue on the bridge across the lake looking out for Moorhens.

The leaves were not really ready to fall yet but I got a few near the side entrance to the road.

Across the lake they were turning and had started to go golden, give it another week and some cold and they well turn.

By the steps our resident Harry the Heron was still about, I have only once in the last two years seen a mate but I am sure he is there for a reason and not the bread he keeps being given.

Sue then spotted a Moorhen with big feet in a bit of a hurry.

See what I mean about the big feet.

On the way around the lake Damselflies were feeding on the water and landing on the banks.

The weather was very kind to us and with hardly any wind I got this reflection.

Thanks for looking, we will go again in the fall and also when the lake is frozen.

Best regards, Mike

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Dickens Last Home

Hi folks,
on Sunday we had a trip to Gads Hill Place in Rochester to take a look around Charles Dickens last house he lived in before he died.

Plaque on the front of the building.

Interesting talk given before tour of the house and gardens.

In the front garden is a gate leading  down some steps and under the road to the "Wilderness" a piece of land that on which once stood the chalet were he did a lot of this work. The Chalet is now in Rochester High Street.

The garden was a bit sparse at this time of the year but I took this on the side of the building in the sunlight.

And a single rose hanging on before the winter loomed.

The conservatory on the side of the property was commissioned by Dickens and was just completed before he died.

Finally a hand pump in the garden, I wondered if it was ever used by him in his time at Gads Hill Place.

Unfortunately I was unable to take any pictures inside the building as it is at present still being used as a school.  Soon in the future the building will be vacated and will be kept as museum opened up to the public.

Thanks for looking,
Regards, Mike

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Back to the Past 2

Hi again folks,
just to complete our tour around the Old Forge War Time House.
Spot the modern unit in the kitchen.

Larder or safe used to keep food fresh, well sort of.

Back in the sitting room, Ducks must be getting tired now.

Something we don't have now as we rely on electricity for our entertainment.

Hands on, Margaret and Sue making a rag rug from sacking.

Bathroom not sure about the toilet, think its a bit later as is the radiator.

Anderson shelter in the garden.

Quick look inside, a bit basic don't you think.

Back upstairs in the bedroom this sewing machine was operated by foot power.

Typical bedroom furniture.

Lastly this lady was parading up and down the High Street to advertise the two day event at the house. This is to commemorate the start of World War One and is on Saturday 15th and Saturday 22nd of November from 10 am till 4 pm. British Legion Poppy Appeal on those days. Free entry.

Thanks for dropping by.

Regards, Mike

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Back to the Past

Hi folks,
well today we were taken to the Old Forge War Time House for a tour around this unique reconstruction of a house set in the second world war put on by the Sittingbourne Home Front Living Society.
I have set up two blogs to show what's inside this special place which will I'm sure spark memories of your childhood if you are of an age.
On entry you are greeted with wonderful artifacts from the past.

Our hostess for the tour in authentic dress.

Some original items on show.

View of the sitting room, loved the Ducks on the wall and the Canary in its cage.

On the table ready to go shopping.

Leaflets and cards of a bygone era. 

Tucked in the corner a childs and babies gas masks together with other memorabilia of the age, note the babies bottle.

Into the kitchen with many names we remember on the shelf.

Lastly the kitchen itself in a clutter as it was at that time.

There you are just a taste, watch out for the next installment.
Thanks for looking.
Regards, Mike