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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Close Up of Wildlife at Leeds Castle

Hi folks.

Yesterday we took a trip to the Castle to get close up to the wildlife and plants.

First of the famous Leeds Castle Black Swan.

Whopper Swan on the nest.

Coot with her very young, look closely at the chicks they look really strange.

Mute Swan on the castle lake.

Greylag Goose enjoying the sun.

Not many Bluebell about but I found a couple.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your Easter break.

Luv, Mike

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

The Crypt

Hi folks, now to go down below....

This area is made of Portland Stone to house the interned. A great job was made of restoration if you look at the link in the last blog.

This area was set aside for the Earl

These pillars were just painted to look like marble.

Outside on the wall is this image of two torches upside down symbolizing the end of life

Last look at the building from a different angle

Oh, I nearly forgot, the dead trees. The land around the Darnley Estate and the Mausoleum is very old and the dead trees that are now standing are going to be allowed to decay and give the goodness back to the soil and help to maintain the beetles, insects and fungi in the area. The National Trust are also going to introduce cattle onto the land at a later date.

Last shot of the South Lodge the Rangers cottage at the beginning of the trail with a barn next door that shows an interesting video whilst you have a cup of tea.

Hope you enjoyed the images and the ling to the history of the Darnley Estate.

Luv, Mike

Monday, 14 April 2014

Surprise at the end of the Trail

Hi again folks,

This is what greeted after a mile of walking, The Darnley Mausoleum sat out on a mound on the top of the hill overlooking the Darnley Estate.

The Earls of Darnley had been buried in Westminster Abbey which was full so the third Earl left instructions in his will for the erection of the Mausoleum for their interment.

The fourth Earl had it designed and built for the sum of £9,000 in 1786 it was completed.

Inside is the reconstructed ceiling which unfortunately came down due to it not drying out properly.

It was never used as possibly it was a dispute with the Bishop of Rochester that it was not consecrated.

The building has an interesting past and well worth a read, click the link.

Views of the magnificent ceiling and windows.

Next time I will explore the crypt below, thanks for looking.

Luv, Mike

Mystery Tour in Kent

Hi folks,

not sure if I have everyone's attention, you have to guess where these were taken. All will be revealed later in the blog, lovely day and trying to get some serious walking in to fix my knee. A long way from the car along this winding track.

Passed the oil seed rape field.

Whats this, this tree looks a bit worst for wear.

Oh dear this doesn't look good.

More tree rot, whats going on?

One of my favorites with the bark all twisted.

Another dead one.............

That's better a bit more growth. 

We continued up the path to find the answer.

Thanks for looking, all will be revealed soon.

Luv, Mike

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Hothfield in the Spring

Hi folks,
Just a few of this lovely place today as we returned our beloved granddaughter back to Ashford. Not much to say about the images, just enjoy.

Thanks for looking, luv Mike

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Sun Pier, Chatham. open weekend

Hi folks,
today we got the bus, yes you heard the bus to Chatham to witness the official reopening of the pier.

Lots of attractions including the Edith May, a new Jet Stream Inflatable  (in Yellow) giving some "Wet and Wild" rides up and down the river and some nice weather to boot.

Looking the other way up the river towards Rochester with the Castle and Cathedral in the distance.

I donned my big lens and got this of both the Castle and Cathedral from the pier in Chatham.

Looking back down the river the famous Command House with St Mary's on Dock Road behind.

Sun Pier had many attractions including the Steam Engine and a Venison Burger stall for lunch.

Bric-a-brac on some stalls and this rather dear moth eaten Hare.

On of my favourites was this illuminated letter which I would have bought and hung on the wall if I was single and my name was Roger.

Look closely at the Piano inside the exhibition hall, it is full sized and made out of cardboard boxes.

Lastly a view of the stalls from the balcony showing the array of colours of the marquees. 

Had a good day, thanks for looking.

Luv, Mike

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Herne Bay in the Sun #2

Hi folks,

Looking through the Promenade Viewer from the last blog towards Neptune's arm.

Sunshine and shadows.

Tulips in the Promenade garden.

Modern Art Sculpture, "Boy with a Boat" by Paula Haughney sitting on the wall looking out to sea.

Selection of rubbish bins, good on you Swale Council.

Sandcastles on the beach with the clock tower behind.

Finally a rusty cannon under the clock tower.

Thanks for joining in the tour of Herne Bay, catch up with you all soon.

Luv Mike