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Sunday, 7 February 2016

And they all lived happily ever after???

Hi folks,

continuing on with the Wedding.

Even though there was a war on duties had to be carried out and the Air Raid Patrol man was ready to snap into action.

Wedding guests, note the meager spread as there was a war on.  Military personnel would be given a 48 hour pass in which to be married and have a short time together before being sent back to the war. 

Some of the documents of the house laid out on the sideboard including ration books to allow the same amount of food for all.

The bride and guests after the ceremony gathered around the fire.

The bride was putting a brave face on as her groom had been immediately called back to his unit.

The beautifully decorated wedding cake looked good but it was an illusion and you can see below.

A small fruit cake had been made using rations from several family members, a real treat in the hard time that they were sustaining.

Lastly "a woman's work is never done".

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Wedding at the Old Forge War Time House

Hi, well it's the stranger back again after a bit of time off due to a rather horrible sinus attack which left me not being able to look at the computer screen thus restricting my photography and the blogs.
Hopefully I am now ok so lots to show of the holiday but I must do a little at a time.

Today Sue, Margaret and myself attended the Old Forge War Time House  in Sittingbourne for another step back in time experience life on the Home Front of World War Two. The theme was getting married and leaving your loved one behind to go and fight for your country. The theme today was "Love and Marriage in WWII".

We arrived and was shown into the Parlour this lady dressed in 1940's style and making a rag rug which was common in this era. The lady would stay at home to look after children whilst mothers would go to the factories to make munitions. Note the toys by the fire. 

At the back of the house the grooms father would arrive to oversee the preparations for the wedding reception which would be held at home.

This hut was newly constructed hence its new appearance and was open for teas and cake.  When funds are available they will make it in keeping with the surroundings.

Inside was a fine array of food fit for any wedding.

The brides mother arrived to check out the preparations down in the house.

 Also the Air Raid Shelter.

Guests arriving, Grandparents with there Granddaughter.

Down in the house one of the guests checking the groom was out of the Pub and on his way.

Upstairs in the house preparations for the Bride were underway with her veil and bouquet on the dressing table.

Last one for today with love letters, gifts and special underwear laid out.

I think the characters did a grand job of making the scene as realistic as possible. Part two will follow with a few pictures of the house and the wedding reception.

Hope you enjoyed it, Mike

Friday, 29 January 2016

The Delights of Daytona Beach

Hi folks,
slowly getting back to normal and having trouble with my eye looking at the computer screen for to long. So with that little dialogue and pictures instead. Enjoy.

Thanks for looking, loved that beach a wonderful place to start your holiday.
Mike and Sue

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Florida Highlights

Hi folks,
sorry for the delay, Some of you may know that I went down with a sinus attack just after we returned from Florida and I have been on antibiotics to clear it up. The attack left my left eye closed and I could not do any computer work until now. Only looking at my phone and the occasional look on the tablet was all I could manage.
Still all over now and getting back to as normal as I could be.
I see that the weather has improved since we returned so stuck indoors I thought I would start again and show you some of the holiday that the laptop did not allow due to the time element whilst away. I hope you all don't get bored I need to process some images to keep so I thought I would show them as I go.

Sue didn't look forward to the flight so was a bit apprehensive this is the last picture of her in the UK in 2015.

On our plane it was lovely and half empty which was nice, loads of room to stretch out. The sun was shining as well.

We are off as we taxied down the runway at Gatwick.

Below the fields of Kent and home as we headed for the coast and across the Atlantic.

Now high in the air and on our 4,000 mile trip

Above the clouds in the sunshine, walking around looking out of the other windows at 40,000 feet.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Slough Fort, Unearthed History

Hi folks,
and now for something completely different. Came home Tuesday and now on another tour, this time a fort built in the 1860's to defend Allhallows from invasion before and during the world wars. Tucked away in a holiday camp this jewel is now being uncovered and slowly reinstated to show it's history.

The gates into the secure site.

Brief history of the gun emplacement to protest us from invasion.

Our guide explaining in great detail all the aspects of the fort.

Main entrance showing the rear fortifications which housed soldiers in the event of an attack from the rear. The wall is Kentish Ragstone.

Inside the seven casemates which are now blocked off, originally accommodated guns that were positioned pointing out to sea. It is generally thought that the guns were pushes out of the openings and could be buried below and will be excavated at a later date.

From above you can clearly sea Southend across the estuary. thus giving the fort a strategic point on the river.

Looking down into the casemates, to the right was the cook house and stores and giving rear protection as mentioned earlier.

Stairs on both side leading to the batteries above.

On to the other more modern rampart to the right was this massive gun with a range of nine miles.

Remains of the gun emplacement showing its gun holding studs.

Area just uncovered and drained to the right of the fort.

This was an opening originally covered with thick glass to house oil lamps for lighting with a door to the side as there was a risk of explosion,

The four pictures above are of the newly excavated magazine and ammunition store. Last picture you can just read the word magazine painted on the wall.

Back in the reception is a history of the fort and some artifacts recovered.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.