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Monday, 25 July 2016

Kent Gliding Club

Hi folks,
last weekend Sue and I went to stay for the weekend at this club in Charring. What a wonderful experience it was as we parked in the van just next to the runway and watched the gliders being pulled into the air.

If you look very closed you can just make out the tether being released by the pilot and the glider at a  rather precarious angle.

Then once released it straightened up and rose under its own stream trying to find some thermals to give it more lift. If unsuccessful it made a loop around the field and landed behind us ready for another attempt.

The glider was towed into the air but this contraption positioned at the end of the runway, see the drum which wound the cable to pull the glider off the ground.

A two man glider getting ready to take off, due to the extra weight other means of towing were used.

Like this machine.

Note the tow line and the rear wheel lifting off the grass.

The launch angle was straighter using the plane, see the line is still attached.

Just a quick insight into the launch process, more to follow with on the ground activities.
Thanks for looking, Mike 

Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Big Cat Sanctuary

Hi folks,
sorry for not being around but the computer suffered fro a bout of overheating. Hopefully all will now be ok.
Yesterday Sue treated me to a trip to the Sanctuary for my birthday, you all know the age so I shall say no more. Enjoyed the day although it was a bit hot and the animals headed understandably for the shade. Hope you enjoy the shots I got.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Medway River Festival #2

Hi folks,
As I said a bit of action on the river with these chaps.

That's it, lets slow it down a bit.

Back on the green and chasing this little chap with a blow up hammer for fun.

The Mayor arrived in style, be it a bit late.

Another delight was the tug Kent from the Dockside Marina.

Followed by its partner.

Interrupting the proceedings was Scot Isles on her way down river.

Now this is a bit proactive editing as the air sea rescue helicopter was called away on an operation
which dampened the proceedings. Sue was already agreed to pick me up so I left before the fire-boat demonstration on the river. I knew at home I had some of last years so hear they are.
Note boats with flags have mysteriously appeared on the river.

Up she goes.

The Svitzer Fire Tug in all its glory.
Thanks for looking, all the best Mike

Monday, 11 July 2016

Medway River Festival

Hi folks,
whilst Sue was in Allhallows I spent the day at the river watching the attractions.

I liked the fish theme as you can see they are cable tied along the railings which was a nice touch.

Long legged pirate out ready to do his worst.

Lots of things for the children which was nice to see.

Hands on with this Lobster note his claws banded to stop him nipping the nippers.

Entertaining the children on the green, he had a following.

....and outside the pub.

Newfoundland area was a hit with loads of petting and dribbling going on.

Taken from Chatham riverside across the river with my long lens with the Castle behind the Cathedral in Rochester.

Bit more action in the next blog,  Regards Mike

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Queenborough Cars

Hi again,
just to finish on the island a surprise addition on a small car show on the jetty leading to the Lifeboat, this might appeal to some of the Motor Caravanners' Club.

This1968 Commer Campervan just been restored costing over £2,000 to fix the rust alone. Looks like an original Highwayman at £1094 then new although the interior is different. You could also have had an optional refrigerator fitted.

Inside was well kitted out although not original according to one of the group I spoke to.

Couple of MG cars being guarded by the owners, lovely to chat to them as well.

This Thames Truck and in great condition and coming all the way from Eastchurch on the island.

Lastly a yacht returning to its moorings after a day out.  Thanks for looking, Mike

Friday, 8 July 2016

Queenborough Campsite

Hi again folks,
whilst in Queenbouough we visited this quaint campsite overlooking the town.

Leobay takes five units at a time and was immaculate with all the amenities you could ask for.

Including a workshop to repair vans whilst on site

one of the many garden ornaments.

The views across the water looking towards Grain.

Grain Power Station across the estuary.

Finally, this one caught my eye, thanks for looking Mike.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Man Overboard!

Hi folks.
weekend trip to Queenbouough in Kent to check out a campsite, whilst there we took a stroll along the seafront and noticed a operation by the RNLI and decided to investigate.

These three were putting on a demonstration in an open day, I was on a pontoon off the beach.

Reenactment with a body in the water.

Off to the rescue at high speed, now lets see how observant you all are.

Rescued and dragged back on board.

and safely back to dry land.

Bringing up the rear was the lifeboat returning to the event after being called out on a rescue mission to recover a yacht which was safely moored up behind after being towed back.

All the best, Mike