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Monday, 28 July 2014

Back to Buxton

Hi folks,
Just a few more of our trip in the Midlands.
As we parked up to explore this town famous for its' Water and Spar Baths we saw this rather quaint small railway viaduct.

After walking through the town we came across this very steep area aptly called " The Slopes" with its War Memorial overlooking the town.

Looking down across the valley in the distance which supplies the towns water.

In the centre you can see the The Devonshire Campus of the Derby University, the dome has a circumference of 46 metres.

At the top of the slopes a garden was laid out in front of the Pavilion with its Bandstand.

As the clouds rolled in we took sanctuary in this magnificent Victorian building.

Walking back down into the town, I snapped this youthful looking lady refilling her water bottle, she told me that she drank the water from here every day and I had to guess her age.  Very difficult, perhaps I should have guessed something like "80 years" but chose to veer on younger than I thought and she seemed happy!

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Medway Queen Update and Visit

Hi Folks,

Saturday, we had the chance to actually go on this fine historic ship which saved many lives during the evacuation of troops in the second world war. If you look closely you can see the mast of the Cambria, a Thames Barge behind which made an interesting maneuver as we climbed aboard the Medway Queen.

The barge which used sail only had to pull away from the jetty and was getting rather close so they lowered the life boat.

Using the lifeboat as propulsion the barge then moved away from the jetty and was on her way.

Back on board, we investigated the bow looking at all the new plate riveted in place.

and all the new brass portholes installed.

Apparently the decking on this level was original and has been treated and refitted, the deck above is new.

Looking through the port paddle.

Still a lot to do below decks as I climbed the stairs to be greeted by the newly painted funnel.

Back on the jetty nice to see her back in the water again.

We had a look around the museum and listened to the audio and archive footage on the monitors.

Lastly the ships whistle waiting to be fitted at the completion of the restoration.

Thanks for looking, if you Google the "Medway Queen" there is lots of fascinating information on its past and its gallant service in the second world war.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Wildlife Heritage Foundation Smarden, Kent

Hi folks,
back again after a trip away. Last week we attended this event which is only open four days a year to the public in the wilds of Kent. The animals were all behind fences and that with it being very hot made it a bit difficult to photograph but as I knew this I thought I had nothing to loose. Sit back and enjoy the cats.

This one's cheating but I bet he was the hottest of the lot

Thanks for looking, Mike

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Medway River Festival

Hi folks,
today we made a trip to the festival not expecting much as we had done this event last year. On arrival it was dull and overcast and very warm and I did the usual shots of the event. I was reasonably happy until this new event by Xtreme Action with the man on a Flyboard and this chap on the Jetski appeared which made my day. Sit back and enjoy the fun as I did.

Just a bit of insight into this, the chap connected to a jetski via a long tube and if you look carefully you can see the trigger on his wrist which controls the amount of thrust from the jetski into the tube thus propelling him into the air. 

Then there was this chap on a Jetski trying to do over eight loops simultaneously.

What a show, thanks for looking. Luv Mike 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Shugborough Estate

Hi folks,

after the dog show we crossed the packhorse bridge to visit the estate and entered via the side entrance as we had walked from the van. Time was a bit short so we only visited the gardens and earmarked the place when we go back up north again.

The main house was very grand and the ancestral home of the Earls of Lichfield.

To the rear it was just as grand as the front with formal gardens laid out.

At the bottom of the garden was a river with long horns grazing on the opposite bank.

Walking back towards the house and the vivid green bushes either side of the path.

Delphiniums throughout the grounds.

Rather grand servants quarters with Ivy around the entrance, the building now houses the Museum, Tea room and the National Trust Shop. The Ivy continued along the building.................

and along the outer walls.

Bit of a whistle stop tour but we were short on time. Thanks for looking, luv Mike

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Water and a Splash about!

Hi folks,

You will remember we had a bit of trouble with the internet whilst away up north so here's an update of what we did.

We stayed by the canal at Great Haywood with a splendid view of the narrow boat stop.

In the afternoon we strolled along the tow path to visit Shugborough Hall which used to be the Ancestral home of the Earls of Lichfield.  The boats were so well looked after bedecked with flowers and painted pots. 

To get to the Hall we had to cross the river running parallel to the canal by means of this "Packhorse Bridge" which is the longest still in existence in Britain and Grade I listed.

From the top of the Bridge you can just spy the dogs in the water, note the white blob in the distance towards the top left hand corner and remember, all will become clear later in the blog.

Seems like all the dogs in the area had come for a swim as the weather was warm. these three Labradors had the time of their lives trying to splash their mistress.

Remember the white blob earlier well it was a Springer Spaniel with his master on the bank throwing a ball in the river for him to retrieve.
The river had a weir which was quite deep so as he went in after the ball was thrown.....

He was trying to get up speed to catch the ball before it landed in the water but then he went into the deep water over the weir and ................... 

............. SPLOSH he went out of his depth.....

Being a great swimmer, out he came with his prize just a bit wet!

Next time we go into the grounds of Shugborough.

Luv Mike.