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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 6

Hi again folks,
we joined a tour guide to take us to parts of the city that we had not yet seen but unfortunately the mist started to roll in after a really nice start. Anyway at least it was dry and I have to admit we didn't have any rain in our four days in the city.
We did not see everything and plan to go back in the summer.,we did after all come to see the Christmas lights and you will eventually see some spectacular sights.
We did the same route with the guide as the night before going past the Old Town Square and passed this famous market stall just setting up and it was getting very cold.

One I missed in the square was this building with it's lovely painted murals

Typical Bread shop with a Trdelnk or Chimney Cake hanging outside.

Entrance to a small theater, bit gruesome.

Rudolfinun, the house of artists which houses a festival of classical music. The building is an example of  Neo-renaissance Architecture.

Entering the Jewish quarter, much to see here but so little time.

Our guide told us about the lack of space for burial, the wall below holds bodies twelve deep one on top of another, very sad.

Finally we arrived at the Vitava River with its famous Charles Bridge and Prague Castle on the hill with its wonderful Cathedral within the Castle walls. The mist and freezing temperatures were still over us but the day was young.

The bridge was lined with statues it's entire length.

Looking up the Vitava it didn't look promising for our boat trip at 12pm.
The river has a weir across it's width and the only access upstream is via a lock on the right hand of the image, more on that later.

Turning around I took this statue of the Crucifixion which was on the bridge and by magic blue sky appeared. Note the bright brass where hands have been placed. Statues of the Virgin Mary and Saint John stand on either side.

We headed away from Charles Bridge to Manesuv Most another spectacular bridge over the river with gold stars on the top of the lamp posts and the famous Metronome on top of the hill.

But this time it was frosty and extremely cold as we made our way to the boat. In the next of the series, will the trip be a disaster?

Thanks for looking and every time I press the keys I yearn to go back. Regards, Mike

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 5

Hi folks,
day one as we awoke I looked out of our fourth floor hotel window at the tramway with the metro entrance on the right. We didn't know at the time but the Metro would be our main mode of transport around the city. You could buy a ticket and ride on either the Trams, Buses or the Metro, you validated your ticket and off you went. We thoroughly enjoyed the Metro although Sue the wife hated the very steep and fast escalators.

Into the city with it's unique buildings.

The Municipal House built in the Art Noveau time, built between 1905-1911. Part of it is a concert hall in the middle of the building.

Mosaic called "Tribute to Prague" on the corner of the building.

Close up of the Mosaic.

The Powder Tower one of the most famous monuments in Prague built in the fifteenth century. The name is derived from gunpowder store below in the eighteen century

Link across two buildings reminding me of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice.

One of the many decorated shop windows with Christmas themes.

When in Prague one rule is to look at the ground all the time as the cobbles are in a sad state of repair all over the city and you have to be very careful of tripping of twisting your ankle. Advantages of looking down was this manhole cover decorated with the city crest. 

Back to Wenceslas Square for another look at the Nativity Christmas tree wood carving in the daylight.

Thanks for looking, we had a great time in the city with lots more to come.
Regards, Mike

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 4

Hi folks,
 This is one of the reason we came, The Astronomical Clock and its tower being the oldest working Astronomical clock in the world. On the other side is Tynsky Chram, the Church of our Lady of Tyn with it's two massive towers lit up and towering into the sky like two rockets, below in the Christmas market in Old Town Square.

The Dials originally made in 1410 and was refurbished in the 16th century. The German Army damaged the clock in 1945 and it was changed from old Czech time to central European time. The Clock has the 12 Apostles each appearing at the windows above the clock on the hour, More on this fantastic clock later in the series.

Information of how the clock operates.

The tower can be climbed and we did as you will see later.

Right it's been a long day, up at 4am flight at 9am, lost an hour due to the clock change so a bit weary and in need of a good nights sleep so a brisk walk to the hotel via some more sights.

As we walked back I took a shot of this street light and it was getting very cold.

The shops where now emptying with only the decorations to look at

Couple having a cuddle in the cold.

Liked the revolving Swan on the roof and another on the facard. Last shopping centre before the hotel, boy do we need our bed and a nightcap. First day over.

Thanks for looking and if you can leave a comment on the blog it would be appreciated. Mike

Monday, 15 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 3

Hi again folks,
back out of the store and heading for the Old Town Square, on our way we passed several Christmas Market stalls and at 7pm the town was bustling with people.

At the crossroads was a fantastic Christmas tree with a wooden carved Nativity Scene at its base.

 Christmas market stalls where getting more prolific and colorful.

At the corner of Wenceslas Square we came across this chap and his forge casting petals for a wrought iron flower.

Not sure elf and safety would allow this in the UK., ho, ho, ho.

Still heading to the Old Town Square we passed these two and their acrobatic performance on top of a very cold plinth.

They were so brave we had to drop a crown or two in their pot.

We passed a church on our was to the square lit up with a strange eerie light.

Next blog we arrive at the Old Town Square which was one of the reasons for coming to Prague.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 2

Hi folks,
Still on the first night we had to do some shopping, well such nice places who could resist.
Came across the Palladium, not like the one in the UK but very pretty with its decorations. I asked for permission to use the camera and with a shrug of the concierge's shoulders I was given the ok. Not like Bluewater where  you have to fill in forms, so refreshing. Anyway off we went and had supper in there as well. the centre boasted of 200 shops and I believed them.

Once in I was in my element.

Beautiful cylindrical decorations with round balls suspended in the centre.

From the upper floors and the escalator.

The symbol of the centre is an angle with a trumpet. There even was a KFC, by the way over there you don't get wipes for your fingers you are offered a sink with hot water, soap and a blow dryer.  Much better than the UK and "no" we didn't eat there, the food court had a vast choice of eateries you could even have lobster, we settled for fish bites and chips. Local food tomorrow.

Shopping centre done we headed into the main area of the city. Watch this blog, loads more to see...

Thanks for looking, Mike

Friday, 12 December 2014

Snapshot of Prague Part 1

Hi folks,
Sue and I have just spent a fantastic four days in Prague touring around the city by Metro and on foot and I can still feel the cobbles on our feet now. Anyway it was well worth it and we had fair weather, cold with a frost  but not icy as it was the Monday before and to top it all, no rain!

Our hotel was within walking distance of nearly all of the sites on our list of places to visit.
The blog will be split up to incorporate Christmas activities so I have numbered the blog accordingly so its easy to follow. We stayed in Florenc about ten minutes from the first attraction.

Monday afternoon we arrived at the hotel and unpacked had dinner and walked into Republic Square, I took a mini tripod which although worked was a problem to keep steady which is the whole idea of having one. Still in the hotel was the large one so all I had to do was get through the evening.

Republic Square Market

Had a Hot Wine from this gentleman.  Spot the deliberate mistake in the picture, the blonde girl has writing on her face caused by her walking into the shot halfway through the exposure. Ghost of the machine comes to mind.

Hock cooking on an open fire, yummy made me feel hungry again.

Typical Christmas scene, you will see lots of these as we trundled about, the camera in the floor in this shot. NOTE the cobbled ground,

One of the many stores, this one had a chandelier on the first floor, very posh.

Close up of the chandelier. 

Another store with decorations.

Finally a typical market stall, you will see lots of these as well as its Christmas time.

Thanks for looking, loads more to come, Mike