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Tuesday, 24 November 2015

More From The Ferret Rescue Show Last Saturday

Hi folks,

a few more from the show last week, enjoy our furry friends on a wonderful day at Harreitsham

This last one was best in show, I hope you enjoyed them.


Sunday, 22 November 2015

Ferrets to the Rescue

Hi folks,

Lots going on this end and been very busy but today we, that is Sue and I went to the Ferret show in Harrietsham to meet our friends Eileen and Ken. We had a wonderful day stroking ferrets and drinking tea.
One little lady got left out, that was Daisy dog of the famous Daisy's Diary. I felt so sorry for her and her sister Holly who were very good and laid down on their  beds all day under the table and did not get much attention.

This is Daisy bless her taken under the table at 3200iso at F2.8 at 60th of a second, it was very dark under there for any photographers amongst you. She was very good all day and only barked a couple of times.

Eileen and Ken with Miss May and Miss April who each won a prize.

The good news also is that they took home two extra ferrets, Fred and Wilma to add to their family and will extend the fun and games in Daisy's Diary. I have put a link below.......


All the best, Mike

Monday, 2 November 2015

Queen Daisy and Her First Dip

well it's all happening down on the Grain sea front. Now these Ferrets on leads, I ask you what ever next but they seem to enjoy it.

Here he is with all that gear, note the fetching bag that holds Miss Snowflake, at this present time at home having a well earned sleep after her first walk earlier this morning.

I think this is May the lighter one of the Ferrets giving Queen Daisy a sniff. The boots added a touch of colour in all that mist.

Holly wondering what all the fuss was about and was already to go home for her dinner.

Note the Crown is still intact as she searches the pools for crabs, she did find one but it as dead.

I liked the colours of the seaweed, Queen Daisy was not impressed though.

This is when it all stopped as water was entering the designer boots. Queen Daisy with a poo bag full of shells.

Didn't get the name but this 18 month old Labrador liked the look of the Ferrets and Ken quickly gathered them up.

Oh no you don't, note the arrival of Daisy and Holly to protect their friends.

Not being outdone by Kens cobwebs I thought I would take a few myself .

Last one of both Daisys together, Holly was asking if there were any sandwiches in the bag?

Back at Allhallows with a nice cup of tea with Holly waiting to see what biscuit crumbs I would drop.

That's it for tonight, Mike

Sunday, 1 November 2015

The Queen Visits Grain

Hi folks, sorry for not being around but I had a few problems on the computer front, I wont bore you with details but yes we are up and running again.
Today the sun broke through the clouds so we set off the see our blogger and good friends Ken and Eileen. Ken didn't tell me that they had been fog bound for two days. We that is Daisy, Sue and myself left and arrived in Grain with thick fog. Thanks Ken.

Where's the sea said Queen Daisy, look at her head and you will see a crown, I said that she was a Princess but she said that she was a Queen. In my eyes she is anyway. the crown was from last nights Halloween party she went to. The dress disappeared but the crown as she called it remained on her head all day. One thing to note that she is wearing a Poppy, good girl I'm proud of you.

We were not the only ones down there as you can see, well only just..

This is our Daisy with her boots on, actually they were a godsend as she strutted along waiting for Ken of the famous"Daisy's Diary" to arrive with his menagerie of animals.

Back at the steps I noticed loads of Fungi (Stephen, eat your heart out).

Ken then arrived with April and May, two lovely Ferrets that he takes for a walk complete with Daisy and Holly, two dogs and a camera as well. In the other hand he juggles ten balls.

Ferrets getting leads attached, I kid you not.

This is the famous Daisy that writes a blog, she is very talented that way with her sister Holly behind which is usual.

Back at the sea front, no chance of any sun I see.

Lots to see even on a dull damp day at the seaside, always have a camera with you. This web was just hanging above the ground, isn't nature wonderful.

That's it for today, find out what Queen Daisy gets up to later.

See you later folks, Mike

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Fordwich and it's Link to Canterbury Cathedral.

Hi folks,
continuing on from the last blog I go into the important history of Fordwich and its link to Canterbury Cathedral.

This is the Town Hall, built around 1480 and still used today for its Town Council Meetings, note the old Stocks still in place to the right and the Gail to the left which is no longer used.

The Gail was last used to confine two poachers convicted in 1855, it was a very dark large wooden box really with the only light coming in from the shuttered window to the right.

The room above the Gail was used by the Jurats to administer justice for the area.

The Ducking Stool was displayed on the rafters but was originally used on the hoist over the River Stour and mainly used for women who had dishonored their men. 

By the Ducking Stool was displayed the Town Drum.

This is Val who very kindly opened the Town Hall for me, she is standing behind the Prisoners Bar looking towards the Jurats' Bench.  The prisoners were brought up the stairs behind her from the cells to have Justice administered.  Behind Val is a small room used for deliberation of the Jurors.

In the Jury Room was a flap with a hole for the Jury Members to relieve themselves as they were not permitted to leave until after the case was finalised.

Against the wall stood the Town Trunk used to keep documents (not like today where we have hard drives).

From the River Stour at the back of the Town Hall is the hoist that was used with the Ducking Stool and also for unloading the Stonework for building Canterbury Cathedral. The stone was shipped across the channel from Normandy and up the Stour  The stone was then transported by horse and cart into Canterbury, a lot of stone.
The trade was killed by the opening of the Canterbury to Whitstable Railway.  The river was much wider and barges were still trading up to Fordwich late into the 1800's

The River Stour, the end of the journey for shipping as the river was too narrow to proceed any further so goods and stone were unloaded here. hence two Pubs in the town

Lastly a view of The Fordwich Arms sign together with the St Mary's the Virgin church.

Hope you enjoyed the history lesson of this quaint little village outside of Canterbury which did so much in the building of the Cathedral.

Thanks for looking,  Mike