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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

To the Sea at Selsey

Hi folks,
continuing on with our trip with the Sussex Motorcaravanners Club we started to do the quiz laid on as part of our enjoyment of the weekend.

Sue with her favorite implement, a pen ticking off the questions dotted around the neighborhood.

One of the questions was what is the mound out to sea? Of course it was the Isle of White.

Back to the Lifeboat and the weather started to improve so we popped inside to have a look.

A large winch greeted us to pull her back from the sea

The two large pipes were to collect te exhaust gas with a third sucking the fumes out of the roof.

Closeup of her propeller with brass polished.

Rear deck housing the engines.

Crews quarters.

Bow up against the door ready to deploy.

Boards showing her many missions over the years, great visit and a few bob placed in the collection pot before we started our return to the town.

Thanks to the comment on the blog before last I found a classic car on our return, an Austin A35 Van in pres-teen condition. 

Nearly back to the camp site which was a school we passed this just off the High Street.
Thanks for looking and please lease a comment if you can either on here of Facebook, Mike

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

MCC Sussex Rally at Selsey

Hi folks,
last week we attended the 20th Anniversary Rally at Selsey with over 100 vans attending.

Welcoming committee.

Very nice site with all the amenities you could ask for and a smashing set of evening entertainment every night as well.

East Beach in the sunshine

Lifeboat station, tour around later. 

Fishing boat moored near the lifeboat station with it's colourful balls.

Thanks for looking, short and sweet tonight as we have just got home. Mike

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Final Look at Truckfest

Hi folks,
lastly in this series a few of the other goings on at this event.

This is duck herding.

As it was hot the dog gets a well earned bath.

Sheep shearing, bet she was glad to get rid of that coat.

Lets see it I can get this right, a rare 1960 Desoto Adventurer. This model was only made for two years so I recon it is quite valuable.

Love the rear fins.

I had one of these.

Wood carver, can you see what it is going to be?

Triumph Stag, my favourite cars to drive but a pig to work on as it was prone to head gaskets blowing.

One for Jay in America.

Finally the Shire Horse Hercules with the land army girl from world war one in costume.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Chevrolet 3100 in the Sunshine

Hi folks,
let me present what I thought was the star of the Truckfest show. Recently restored in all it's glory.

Well worth the £5 entrance fee on its own.   Mike

Monday, 24 August 2015

Fowler Traction Engine

Hi folks,
this beast says it all, taken at the Tractorfest in Biddenden on Saturday in all its glory and yes its not a tractor but a traction engine.

Built in 1928 and constructed as a Road Roller, an original all steam engine was made in Leeds and spent its working life in Scotland.  In 1959 it was bought by J Boughton of Amersham famous for their tractor winches where it was used locally until the 1990's when it was converted to a replica "Showmans" and sold to a German Museum.  
In 2005 it was bought back to England and named "Sir Bernard" after Bernard Ruff an employee of J Boughton who was involved in much of the steam engine work.

It now generates electricity to run the organ.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hi all,
we thoroughly enjoyed our trip out on Saturday even though it was a bit warm.  Of course there were tractors but lots of other things as well, Ferrets of course (thanks for the link Daisy). Also lots and lots of Classic Cars, Wood carving, Spinning, Morris dancing, Shire Horses and lots of things for the children. Great selection of food as well, the show was very well run with all the usual amenities.

Ford Capri

Austin A40

Old Vauxhall

Ford Zodiac

Austin Seven

Ford Zephur Zodiac, we used to call an "Aircraft Carrier" as you could land a plane on it's long bonnet.

Old Tractor....................

..............New Tractor.

Convenience Tractor.

One way to chop the firewood.

Tractor in need of Tender Loving Care

Finally spotted between some cars, this made me chuckle. Thanks for looking, Mike