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Sunday, 30 October 2016

Trip to the Steam Trains on the Bluebell Railway

Hi folks,
Today we had a trip to Horsted Keynes with Robert Bowing and met up with our dear friends John and Marion  We spent a few hours with them and photographing various trains going up and down between Sheffield Park and East Grinstead.
Just a few from today.......

Crowds decending on the trains.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Night Kites at Walmer

Hi folks,
as a break from the tour we went to Walmer near Deal in Kent today to see LUTS which is light up the sky in aid of Children in need. The club, the Kent Kite Flyers put this on as a yearly event to help raise a bit of cash for the charity.

During the day Sue and Steve flew kites and about 2pm we arrived with a kite on the air on Walmer sea front.

All was fine till when the event was about to start, the the wind dropped, the idea was to fly the night kites with lights on them but with no wind at all the members had to do a static on the ground display.

One of the many kites primed and ready to fly, but with no wind.

To me it was a godsend as the kites were easier to photograph on the ground but a shame for the club after so much effort.

One of the static displays by Len, a lot of time and effort is put into the displays.

One of the kites that should have been flying.

Another of Lens

This kite I tried to get a star burst effect.

One of Mikes displays along with the skeleton head above.

 Lastly on from Heather's with a Dove for peace.

Thanks for joining in and please help with Children in need, Mike

Friday, 28 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #8 Colliery

Hi folks,

Another glorious day at Beamish, first stop on the tram was the colliery which means changing vehicles at the trams do not go down hill. Off the tram and wait for a bus to take us down the hill. The train was magnificent as it gathered steam to go along to the pit.

Very interesting construction with the access to the shaft being above the ground on stilts. This meant a climb up the stares to the mine entrance and this enabled the trains to pass underneath to collect the coal in the wagons.

Next we went into the hall which housed a magic lantern with all it's brass.

Then into the school classroom, I remember those desks.

Talk about nostalgia a teacher used to throw the blackboard rubber at us if we didn't pay attention.

Back outside the horse was bringing firewood to the miners houses.

This was the bus that bought us down the hill into the colliery, waiting to take us back up again.

Walking about and getting hungry I spied this grumpy goat.

Dinner time was approaching to time to try the fish and chips, I liked them, (well I would) made from traditional lard which I had to agree was not to every one's taste in this day and age.

As we queued where in front of us was the fire actually using coal to cook the food. I must admit Sue and  loved them as we sat outside it started to drizzle adding to the flavour of being up north.

That's all for now, thanks for looking  Mike

Thursday, 27 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #7 Beamish

Hi folks,
after leaving Lincoln we headed north to Durham and arrived to a very friendly reception from the Northern Counties Group of the Motor Caravaners Club.

Through the famous Beamish steam hammer and down the hill to the reception centre

Parking up this was the view from the site area, as you can see we only had a short walk to the living museum, the club had sorted out a reduction in cost as we are club members and also we had another reduction for being seniors so it was very good value as we stayed for three nights.

Our area was at the back of the car park and a bit shady but we intended to be out most of the time and go to the pub by the steam hammer in the evenings and role back down the hill to the van at closing time.

Winnie now parked up for three days of fun.

We got our passes and off we went down the hill to the entrance, paid our money and straight away got on a tram.

From the top deck you had an idea of how bid the place was and the amount of time it would take to get around all the areas.

Another tram going in the opposite direction.

Arriving at the pit village out first stop. More next time and the delights of the living museum, all the best Mike

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #6

Hi folks,
after a bite to eat we had a walk around the city.

Walking done the hill into the city.

The sign on the bridge tickled us.

Under the bridge. 

and from the other side.

Walk along the river.

Stairway to heaven??

Up the steps and into the centre.

The sculpture is called "Empowerment"
Thanks for looking, Mike

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

UP NORTH on tour with Sue and Winnie #5 Lincoln Cathedral and the Services Chapel

Hi folks,
last from the Cathedral

In the North Transept is the Services Chapels, a very interesting place with all three services represented. You will notice above the entrance which the screen is made of Deal are various figures. At the top is King Alfred, the Saxon King 849-901 and to the left lower is Henry V 1387-1422  To the right is Edward the Black Prince Below that is an escutcheon of Remigius an unidentified Bishop ( probably Remigius) 

The RAF altar. 

Plaque with reference to Bomber Command.

Closeup of the carpet in the chapel.

On the entrance to the chapel are two solder models the one above on the right is from the 19th century. 

The model on the left of the entrance depicts a solder of the great war. You can see them in the entrance to the Chapel in the opening shot.

Moving on to the Chapter House, the ceiling is wonderful, you have to visit to see its structure.

In the Chapter House, a magnificent round structure with it's centre pillar and stained glass windows all around.

Lastly there was a themed  exhibition called Illuminations by Toni Watts who produces artwork using traditional materials and gold leaf, her work is outstanding. I asked if I could photograph the exhibits and she happily agreed and thanked me for asking.

Lastly a close of her work using gold leaf as well as organic colours as used by monks in the past.

Hope you enjoyed the visit to the Cathedral, there is so much more to see and we spent over two hours photographing and looking around. Regards Mike.