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Sunday, 17 March 2013

St Margaret's and it's surroundings.

Hi Folks,
we continue in the church for a while showing the Pulpit and the Pews which were cut down in 1907 work, previously they were called "Horse box" design with high backs. If you were small you would have been really closed in.

Original illumination used in the church, lifted and lowered by a chain.

Another view of the pews with the North aisle used as a memorial chapel.

Back outside in the car park, the Edith May, a renovated Thames Barge use for trips and races, St Margaret's and of course "Winnie" our Camper Van.

The Edith May being used as a cafe and a venue for musical groups.

Across the Estuary lies Kings North Power station due to be decommissioned and the chimney removed later, I will be there to see it come down.

After the very strong winds this boat is a bit worst for wear.

Finally, photography is a bit like fishing, every once in a while an opportunity presents itself that you are not prepared for. This Grebe decided to make an appearance just as I was about to take a shot of the Church from the river, a quick lens change and I got this. Best catch of the day.

Thanks for joining me on our journey to Lower Halstow and thanks to my regulars for your lovely comments.

Best regards, Mike, sorry for the delay had and still have internet troubles, engineer coming tomorrow.


  1. to me the grebe is the best Mike but they are all good

  2. great photos, loved the old sailing boat, and of course the Grebe. hurry up summer.

  3. Ahhh nice to see your post up Mike !
    Great shots Mike.........Not to mention the 'P.S.',
    Eileen will be after your blood !! Love the boats reflection,
    Chris and Dave R

  4. Huh ! ... Lovely post until the PS popped up!!! lol The Grebe reflection is super Mike .. pleased your internet is sorted out now ..
    E xx

  5. The site is Blogspot, American based and free.