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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Little one tonight

Hi folks,
We all had a wonderful time out today. When Daisy fist came to stay overnight  2 years ago our first trip was to Watman park which is on the north side of Maidstone.
Wow, was it hot when the sun came out but at least we had Daisy's new hat to protect her from the sun. She enjoyed the morning on the swings, slides and climbing frame. we took a picnic as well.

My how she changed in the last 2 years

We had a great day until the heavens opened when we retreated to the Bull Pub at Penderden Heath for a drink.

Must go now as lots to do before "Little legs" gets up.

nite nite Mike

Monday, 27 June 2011

Skive off work

Hi folks,  well what a lovely day to work, NOT.  I did an MOT first thing and went to Boomers with Trev.
We thought what the heck, lets go and play after lunch. We talked about where to go and decided to try St Mary's again, after all I have about 20 shots of Upnor Castle so why not another one. Charles and John were going to follow us but got lost some where in the Range.

Well first off was the mandatory Castle, all was fine except for the heat haze, or was it cloud?

We then came across the Crane, Trev said it was the largest one in the Dockyard, as he worked in there I went along with him. I really was having fun, I kept changing lenses and had a game with Trev to see how close we could get to it with it still be in the shot, I think I won with the 7-14mm. hey Kendo, don't look too close at the houses in the background they are a bit wonky, hi.   The only trouble with this lens is that everything MUST be on a parallel plain and I was not tall enough to be looking in the crane window!

I was standing up under the crane to get this.

Then came "The Eye of the Needle" challenge, get both in focus the Eye and the Needle which in this case was Kingsnorth Power Station chimney and the buoy by the Crane's hook, on reflection I think Sues' point and shoot would have done better than our DSLR's.  Never mind we had a laugh which is what it is all about.

Then we went for reflections only the water was a bit choppy.

Another sort of reflection.

I could not finish without a Pigeon for Trev (without a window), but at least Trev's were flying. This one was about to leap into the air but I got the bugger before he dived off the edge.

All in all we had a GREAT time down there, I then had to go back to my day job.

Thanks for a very enjoyable afternoon Trev.

nite nite all, Mike

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Bodiam Banters

Hi folks,

We decided as it was such a lovely day to go to that famous castle in Sussex. We were very surprised by the lack of traffic on the roads after what the weather man / woman had said over the last couple of days. Off we trundled and in about an hour we were there with only a slight hold up in Maidstone..

The castle at it's best side as the sun doesn't shine on the rear as it is south facing.

after walking a bit we came across these little baby ducklings in the grass......Ahh

The day was full of surprises, even the Carp came up to have a look.YUCK

We sat down to have our lunch and there was a loud banging coming from the castle. It was a Dragon coming over the bridge towards us. We both thought that the costume was great all the children in the body had domed hats that looked like spikes on top  of the Dragons body. They all had a wonderful time running around the grounds being chased by little Knights with plastic swords. I was careful to pick a shot which does not show their faces too much.

I have had to add this big fish because it is Sue's favourite, she said it reminds her of a Delft plate in colour.  Oh well, what ever takes your fancy, would be no good with chips!

Well that's is, nite nite Mike.

Key West

Hi folks,  thought I would put a picture of a ship we saw.

Disney Magic Vital Statistics
SPEED21.5 KnotsDECKS10MAIDEN VOYAGEJuly 30, 1998

Right, got the size of image sorted, now to go out to take some more images.

Cheers, luv Mike.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

One in a million

Hi folks,

 We all had a super day today a the Riverside Country Park, that's Sue , Daisy and myself. The weather was not up to much, cloudy with a touch of drizzle. Not bad  for the summers longest day.
Still we made the most of it and little legs spent all of her time  in the play area and really wore herself out, so much so that at 1.30pm she wanted to go home to bed. I get very frustrated trying to get a good photograph of her as she hates the camera being pointed at her and keeps looking away. I have loads of the back of her head, still never mind, out of about 80 shots I got this one. Ho for the inventing of digital photography, it would have cost me a fortune otherwise.

Man the lifeboats

This one made it all worth while I think.

As we arrived home the road was blocked with cars so we had to walk the last few yards as Harry over the road was having the usual block paving laid and created havoc all up out cul-de-sac.
As Sue was out this evening I spent some time with Charles playing with pictures on the puter.

See you all later, nite nite luv Mike

Monday, 20 June 2011

Dad dad's Great Day

Hi Folks,

Fathers Day

Had a wonderful time with the arrival of Ian,Claire and of course Daisy. As the weather was unpredictable we decided to stay at home in the warm and dry. They even brought dinner with them, we had Chicken and new Potatoes with Pasta, very nice it was too.

No pics of the event as Daisy is going through a stage of not liking her picture taken so here are  a  couple of the St. Augustine Car Rally taken on holiday.

Beefed up Chevy

Wow, what a blower

Well, I really must get back into this after the mess up with the blog. Apart from Sunday not a lot going on apart from work, still it's Daisy day tomorrow again so you should get a more interesting post tomorrow.

Nite Nite for now, luv Mike

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Back to the past

Hi folks,
Well all seems to be hunky dory on here since I paid my dues of storing photos on there. guess what a turn up for the books.

I am so excited that I thought I would bore you with a couple of holiday snaps. It seems so long ago that we went to the States I am longing to return. Will have to start saving again I suppose, drat no more cameras.

Here's a couple (or three) from Epcot in Florida ......

A few of the wonderful gardens in Epcot. There is so much work put into them that I wonder when the gardeners get time to do it. The grounds open at 10am and close at 12pm Midnight, so they must work under floodlights and very early in the morning. You never saw anyone tendering the gardens during the day..............perhaps it's Disney magic.

Anyway off to bed I go with sore eyes, looking forward to seeing the family today for fathers day as it's way past midnight.

Cheers all, Mike.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Part 2

Hi folks,

Just to tell you that my image problem is onwards and upwards we go.

At the Barn in Upchurch we continued to look around and found this young Goat called Amy sitting on top of it's feeder grilling herself.

Yippe you can now expand the picture by clicking on it.

Well that;s over thank gaud I can now go back to my blog and enjoy doing it.

Cheers for now, Mike.

Somethings different..............

Hi folks, just had a look and the text that was the wrong size is now right, so dont hold your breath and I will try a pic to see what happens.

Well all sorted, see my comment below.

Cheers all, Mike

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Daisy and the Not Not Neddies

Hi Folks,

What a wonderful day it was with little legs, that's Daisy to you.
We thought we would take a ride to The Barn at Upchurch as it was a nice day. So we packed a lunch and the proverbial toilet seat and set off.

On arrival we were amazed that is this day and age it was FREE. Well after Sue picked me up off the floor we set off across the meadows to the lake with ducks and other wild fowl on it. as we arrived the noise was defining with the sound of Geese, Ducks and loads of other birds. Where is the bird seed I yelled, in the car came the reply. Oh dear we left it behind, Sue had the idea that I could walk back to the car and get it, I had other ideas. Just then a couple turned up at the lake with loads of bird seed, we explained what had happened and they very kindly gave Daisy a load of seed to feed the ducks. Phew, that saved me a long walk,

Feeding ducks with borrowed seed

Not not Neddie
Daisy was getting tired after a long day at the farm so I gave her a lift back to the car.

A lovely day was had by all.

Cheers, Mike

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's no good

Hi folks, It's is no good me waiting for the blog to behave itself so I'm back.

I now have 2 blogs running, this one and mikegoodes so one of them should work sooner or later. At the moment I will stay with this one.

Well, guess what, it's Tuesday, the best day of the week when little legs comes to stay, I think we are going to Gore Court Farm to see the animals.

Right, to try a picture....

St Mary's Island from the Kingswear Castle in the rain.

A rather dull one after what I have been used to in the States but never mind, we had a great time on the river. So much so the Trev and us may take another one if the weather behaves itself.

Right, as I am going out and Daisy will be here shortly I had better go.

See what you can go with this image peeps, I hope it will expand.

See yar, Mike

Ps still wont expand so I blew it up myself, so there blogger

Monday, 6 June 2011

More from Disney

Hi peeps,
We seem to be having a few problems with the blog. when a comment is left it will not always post and the images will not expand. Still must press on in the hope it is soon sorted out.
On a  lighter note here is an image taken on holiday, Mike is amazed that these are living trees cut to shape (Topiary).

Mickey and Mini

Well lets try this one

And another

Ah bless

Nite Nite Henry  XX

Thursday, 2 June 2011

A few days off

Hi peeps,
It's me back again after a long lie down, well three days should do it.

Had Daisy Tuesday and Wednesday morning so Mike was tied up with keeping her amused as usual, he loves it really. Then of course we had the Apprentice and that was Wednesday gone. Mike says he is not looking forward to being 65 as the weeks go fast enough as it is.

Well I must put a picture of the holiday up to remind myself what I left behind. still the weather over here has improved, yes?


Mike is off for a well earned shower and I will keep out of the way.

Nite Nite luv Henry X X