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Monday, 12 September 2011

Hempsted Valley, Classic Cars

Hi folks,

What a weekend for photography, Saturday, Leeds Castle and now this on Sunday. We were so lucky with the weather, here's a few taken on Sunday morning.

1st , this was my old favourite as I used to do loads of gearbox repairs on these cars in fact this car was the main stay of my business in the good old days.

I was very impressed with the amount of American cars at the show, this Thunderbird has  wonderful interior.

They dont make them like this anymore, in fact this type of American car was responsible for many deaths due to the steering wheel crushing the driver on collision. The cars of that age had no seatbelts either so you can see how vulnerable the driver was.

Moving into the Savacentre and on a lighter note....

This modern Aston Martin was similar to the one used in the James Bond movie.

Followed by a Jaguar, note the dummy rockets in the grill, I think this boy enjoyed himself as for a donation to the air ambulance you could sit in the car but not drive it.

Back outside...

A rather nice "pimped up" Morris 1000 with loads of chrome, must have cost the owner a fortune.

Wow what a sight under the bonnet.

To finish off, here's one for the children....

I wanted to take this one home for Daisy but no such luck.

I hope you enjoyed my little trip around the show, I had loads more to show but I have run out out space.

Till the next time,

nite nite, luv Mike xx


  1. There are some real beauties here Mike.....sounds like you had fun !
    Chris R

  2. Hi Chris great fun and it was FREE.

    Hope woofer is ok XX

  3. wot no mark ones, boo hoo
    Nice pictures Mike.

    Got bored with that programme tonight

  4. You want Cortinas?? Mk 1, 2 or 3

    I fell asleep.

  5. Cor, super cars Mike.... I just LOVE all the chrome....anything shiny and I'm there .... gold,silver. I'm not fussy !!! :)