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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Come fly with me

Hi folks,

Tuesday again that means Daisy. Today we had to get our prescriptions from the Chemist so we had to go through the children's park to get there.
Off we trekked without the pushchair or the toilet seat via the park, once on the way there and once on the way back so we had two bites of the cherry so to speak.

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This is the play helicopter that she loves at the park, maybe she will be a pilot when she grows up.

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A new selection of play equipment has been erected so our little Daisy had to try them out.

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Here's one at the bottom of the slide which I found acts as a great reflector.

She met two small girls at the park and had a great time playing with them. It's a shame I cant put any up but as you can see she enjoyed herself.

Well short and sweet tonight as out with Trev tomorrow, lets hope the weather will brighten up.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Monday, 29 August 2011

Brushing the cobwebs off the Nikon D300 with Trev

Hi folks,

Well we decided to go out with that intrepid Trevor to Northward Hill and Cliffe Pools with my old and HEAVY Nikon D300, we both had 300mm lenses on our cameras so in a way it was a friendly Nikon, Cannon shoot out for a bit of fun,

Well this is Trevor with is new D60. and unusual aminal which kept stalking me.

Here he is gazing into the screen on the back to reveal his latest creation. As your can see it's not the greatest of days for photography as it is only the end of August. Still summer is not far away.

So round to the hide we trotted and as I poked the lens through the hole they flew off. I'm not surprised said Trev " you are like a Bull at a Gate", you have to be quiet and walk slowly he said. Well after that I thought " I want to take proper birds in a studio, with lights and things, not be out here with it about to chuck it down with rain.

Trev is really into this bird thing so I thought I ought to make the effort so I got this one. My GREAT TIT.

So off we trekked to the river, I thought," I can get close to those swans" no such luck, as we aproached there was a dirty great ditch in the way so this is the best I could get. At least I could get up close and personal to the other birds in the studio, can we go home now I cried?

NO, Sue and Trev had decided to go to Cliffe Pools and have another go, so as we got back in the car the rain started, good I thought I can go home now. No such luck, off we went in search of more wild life, or the lack of it,

I took this shot before we left as Trev bless him has got me into taking cloud formations which I quite enjoy.

Off to Cliffe Pools we went around lots of twisty roads, about  4 miles later we arrived.

Well this looks better I thought but after a walk we only saw birds that were miles away. I entered into the spirit of the thing and got this mound, no birds, just a mound.

As it was getting late and the gate was soon to be locked we decided to make tracks for home.

I quite enjoyed it really, lots of jibes back and forth.

Well that's it, nite nite, luv Mike

Saturday, 27 August 2011

45 years

Hi folks,

Well I had to put this up for all my followers of  my blog.

Thanks for looking and giving the occasional comment it has been fun. I enjoy taking images as you all know and I thought you would like this one taken by our dear friend Charles, bless him. This was taken on my 65 birthday (as you can see by the badge) at Chatham Marina.

Nite nite all, lot's of love  Michael xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Steam up at Tenterden

Hi folks,

We picked Daisy up from Ashford and were at a loose end due to the weather.  "Where shall we go? - let's go and see more trains at Tenterden".  As we arrived the rain stopped and didn't start again until we left two and half hours later. £1 each for two platform tickets and off we went.

The Railway after a  retirement in 1954 was bought back to life by enthusiasts in 1974.
The line is ten and a half miles long and runs all the way to a station in Bodiam castle in East Susssex.

Here they are waiting for the train to arrive.

The chap on the roof was shovelling the coal forward as it was about to loose some off the tender.

My it's high up here.

Quaint old signs adorn the toilet block.

Interesting  items around the station.

Getting up steam ready to leave.

10.40 am on it's way to Bodiam.

Another train backing out of the station to bring more carriages in from the siding.

Bringing in the carriages from the sidings ready for the second trip of the day.
By this time it was time to eat so we found some dry seats in a picnic area to have lunch, the rain still holding off, just we returned to the platform for a last look.

Well there were loads of hoarding signs but I had to add this one, I thought I was quite appropriate at this time.

Well a quick dash for the car and back home we went in the rain which thankfully gave us a great time there in between the rain.

nite nite all, luv Mike XX

PS dont forget to click the images to expand.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Talyllyn revisited

Hi Folks, dont forget to click on the images.

Just wanted to share a few of the week in Wales that I didn't get around to showing whilst away.

I had trouble with my computer so had to use the laptop when I returned. Now all is well so enjoy.

This railway line was used to transport slate down into the town of Tywyn on the coast of West Wales. The line was opened in1865 which connected to the main line Railway.

Train drawing into Dolgoch Falls about halfway along the route up the hill.

Image of the Falls,

Continuing up to Nant Gwernol.

This is the end of the line. The vegetation was very damp as you can see by all the moss on the trees but it was very beautiful.

As it was the summer holidays this train had it's mask on for the children's Duncan day.

This was one of the very enjoyable days that we spent in Wales.

Nite nite, luv Mike

Saturday, 20 August 2011

What's this plant??

Hi folks,
Whilst in Wales on the first day in Newport we came across this plant by the side of the road.
We thought it was a wild Orchid, any ideas ??

There were quite a few of them ...

A close up........ Click on image to enlarge

See quite a lot on them.

See you later, nite nite, luv Mike xx

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Few extra from Teston

Hi folks,
Due to the fact that work got on the way today I thought I would finish off a few of Teston that we didn't post... Enjoy.

 And a couple more of Heathers ground team.

And last one of the river bank flora.

nite nite luv Mike

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Capstone and the poor Geese

Hi folks,
Today we stayed near home and went to the park, I wanted to try my long lens out.

This was the scene at the bank with loads of noise.
The weather was dry but a bit overcast so I fixed the lens on the camera to try to get some shots of the birds on the island in the middle of the lake. There were four Geese on the island that came over only to be bombarded with loads of bread  and screaming children so they went back to the island again. From the bank I managed to get these shots, I hope you like them.

Coming towards the bank from the island ready for the onslaught the fourth one had already taken flight.

Back to the island again.

Having a wash before another go.

Getting dry,before another try, I think they were thinking about leaving it till the evening at this point. So I left them to it and returned to the car via a footbridge and noticed the Morehen nest in the middle of the lake so I thought I would give it a go.

I was quite pleased with this one, so back to the car and home for tea.

Its now 8pm and I bet the Geese are loving their evening meal in the peace and quiet.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Teston Kite Festival, part 2

Hi folks,
 As said in conjunction with Trevor, here we go.

Well here we are again at Teston lock No. 8 on the river Medway on a wonderful sunny and windy day.

First I must complete the activity's on the flying field, throughout the day we heard a faint buzzing sound and low and behold it was Heather's Bees buzzing around individual poles. Heather collects Bees, Crabs,Turtles and Ducks. Not to mention loads of Ladybirds.

This is one of Heathers famous Bees.

This is the Bee keeper tending her bees.

Well I had to add one of her famous Ducks.

After lunch we all went cameras in hand to look at the famous 100 year old lock.

Loads of activity here with boats and canoes coming through the lock.

At this point Trev and I spotted the swans, there were 2 of them swimming down the river from the lock, we thought we would put one up on each of the blogs.

This is a very tranquil setting and I have seen water to the top of the gantry by the orange buoys.

Open the sluice gates.

And the lock gates.

A view of this magnificent river looking down towards the bridge.

Well that was the end of a wonderful day and at the end of the BBQ we were greeted with this wonderful sunset.

Well, that's it.

nite nite, luv Mike XX