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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spring in my Step

Hi folks,

continuing on from yesterday a few more from a cloudy Leeds Castle.

Moorhen on his own.

Leeds Castle in the mist from the lower lake.

Mallards getting together.

Small bridge on the way up to the castle.

Close up of a Canada Goose.

Disturbed water.

To finish off a bunch of Snowdrops to show that spring is on it's way.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Spring is in the Air.

Hi folks,

well what a hectic few days with the granddaughter staying but would not miss  it for the world.

Today was her last day and we had planned a trip to Leeds Castle in conjunction with her return as her dad was picking here up from the castle. It was cold and damp but we set of in Winnie (the camper van) with a packed lunch. After our lunch we entered the grounds and it was very quiet with hardly any one about and made our way to the lake, a favourite spot for wildfowl.

First off we spotted a Tufted Duck.

With it's companion bringing up the rear, it looks like it might be the start of spring!!

Loads of Coots about but no fighting, they seemed to be very sedate.

Quite a few White Mute Swans also, not that common at the Castle as it is renowned for Black Swans.

A view towards the Castle and the waterfall in the mist, a lot of activity on the lake.

A pair of Whopper Swans also pairing up.

Closeup of the Whoppers face which is different from the Bewick Swan which has a black part continuing up it's bill to the feathers by the eyes with yellow to the sides.

A pair of Graylag Geese having a domestic.

Finally to finish tonight a Black Leeds Castle Swan.

Thanks for looking, maybe a few more tomorrow.

Best regards Mike.

Sunday, 24 February 2013


Hi folks,

well what a grotty day today was.

We went to Mote Park again to fly a kite or two and boy was it cold.

I arrived with Sue and Daisy and left them in the warm car whilst I went to the lake to photograph the model sailing boats

Whilst there, I caught these Mallards squaring up and fighting for a partner for the spring courtship.

Now, why did I come, oh yes, to fly a kite, as I approached a very cold and icy field, Kevin and Archie both had kites in the air this I think is Kevin's

and this is Archie's Revolution.

I could not resist one of Archie's legs, I ask you would you fly at zero degrees in Shorts? and he is smiling.

Lastly, this is what I mainly came out in the cold for. My own Roller which was lovingly made for me by Gareth and flew wonderfully. Thanks mate.

Thanks for dropping by.

Best regards, Mike

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Sue's Flowers

Hi folks,

My darling wife had a special birthday on Thursday and was adorned with flowers from me and many friends. I thought it would be nice to show a few, the yellow roses where from me and were the same colour as she had when we were married 46 yrs ago in her bouquet.

We went out for a lovely meal with friends

Thanks for looking.

Best regards Mike

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Capstone in the Sunshine

Hi folks,

Went to  visit our local park again the other day, great day with blue skies for a change from the last time with the snow.

Look what I spied on the island.

These two happily going their own ways

This one of the Heron swimming and looking for food.

Just surfaced, look at his head he is a punk, I missed his dives they were so quick.


Drying off after his scavenge for food.

A couple of majestic Swans

Moorhen on the move, not hanging about.

A Cormorant just landing in the tree on the island bit obscured by the branches.

Thanks for dropping by.

Sue says, thanks for all the lovely Birthday Wishes.

Best regards Mike

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chinese New Year, the Show.

Hi folks,

after our lunch the crowd dispersed and we enjoyed our lunch Chinese style, then killed a bit of time with some retail therapy. It was then time to go to the Chatham Theater to watch the show. We queued for our tickets and entered and  immediately saw sighs saying " NO VIDEO AND NO PHOTOGRAPHY, my heart sank as I though that there might be a slim chance to get some shots but no. I went to my seat and thought , it's worth a chance, go and ask. Well to my delight as it was a private performance with no copyright to worry about I was given permission along with the rest of the audience.
The lighting was very low during the performance but I managed from the forth row back in the balcony (not the ideal place) to get these.

Martial arts demonstration.

This is under Tungsten lights at the end of there performance

Spectacular Dragon display.

This was a Chinese Lion and his act consisted of jumping about and..................

climbing a pole into the lighting gantry, a great performance.

The end of the show and a wonderful performance too.

One way to take a Dragon home, after the show.

Street lamp adorned with a Dragon or should it have been a SNAKE!

Well thats the end of the Chinese New Year, thanks for tagging along.

Best regards Mike  (and my little helper, Sue). X