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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Tenterden Token System

Hi folks, decided to return to the blog after my operation and Sue being poorly.
After our trip to Hole Park we returned via this railway station.

Single line track with train coming in to pick up the carriages.

As the train was coupled up I was given the opportunity to look around the signal box.

A very interesting tour was given whilst waiting for the train to depart.

Various instrumentation was shown including the automatic token machine.

Token being issued by the machine.

..and placed into the holder to be presented to the driver before the train could depart from the station.

Station plan on the well of the signal box showing the single track and the need for the token system.

This is the automatic token machine that only allowed it to be released once the signals and points had been set.

Off she safely goes to Bodem with the token on board.

Thanks for popping by, Mike