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Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Hi folks,

After our expedition to Hothfield last week we, that is Trev and I decided to give it another go. We left Sue in the car with a good book and her DS games whilst we set off loaded with cameras and lenses. After walking some time we asked the Rangers were the cattle were and they directed us to the lower field and we could eventually  see the cattle in the distance.

Well we found them, at first a long way away using long Telephoto lenses and then after a long walk down the fields we can across all these lovely Longhorns.

We got so close that Trev bless him went behind the gate.

We loved the Calves.

These two are twins all say ahhhh.

This lady had massive horns, by this time I had given up being scared.

I'm NOT scared any more NOT, really not......

In the same field there were loads of horses. All seemed pregnant, Trev will show them tomorrow.

Well our adrenaline was really pumping by the time we had to leave we were very tired and had a long walk back to the car. The sun was low in the sky as we walked back.

We were pleased as punch at what we got as the forecast was cloudy with rain.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite,luv Mike XX

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Shopping !

Hi folks, well by now you  know it's Tuesday and that means Daisy.

Today we needed a mirror for the downstairs loo and Sue ordered one to collect from Maidstone as Chatham, Homebase was out of stock.  We went to look in Chatham, Homebase because they had one on display, loo and behold they had two on the shelf even although they didn't have any!  Saved going to Aylesford so we went to Maidstone Town Centre instead.

After picking the mirror a quick ride on the tractor was called for at the front of the store.  Due to the economic climate she is only allowed one ride in a day and this was it!

As we left the store a photo opportunity arose with Daisy and the Christmas Tree.

To continue with the Christmas theme we arrived in the Chequers Centre to marvel at the beautiful decorations.
Part of the decorations in the Centre was a Grotto with Snowmen doing winter things outside of Father Christmas's area.  She doesn't like Father Christmas and did not want to go in but he came out for a break and waved to her and surprisingly enough she waved back.  One point to Father Christmas.

Here she is looking at one of the Snowman with an Elf in the background.

After lunch we set off to look at the Toys in the shops keeping her away from the presents she was having from her Mum and Dad.

This is what she likes doing best pressing the buttons on the toys and having a dance in the aisle. As granddad's do I spoiled her and spent £6 on a George Forman toy Grill. After a look around the town, as it was starting to rain we made a bee line for the Park and Ride and home.

Daisy cooking Dinner on her new Grill. Egg, Bacon, Burger and.......................................

.................... A SAUSAGE.

Then it was time for a little bit of TV, Daisy loves Waybuloo and follows the movements.

 We had a rough and tumble and a giggle before a story and bedtime.

Having a bedtime story with Nanny.

Here we are counting, one two three.....................................

Right, that's it, off to sleep in the land of nod.

nite nite all, luv Daisy, Sue and Mike XXX

Monday, 28 November 2011

Edith May at High Tide

Hi folks,

Well Sunday, after we recovered from Charles' party off we all went to see the Edith May floating off her dry dock. We that is, Charles, complete with the pinhole camera, Trev, Sue, John and Ann. we all arrived  and split up taking pictures on our own before the high tide event. We all got pictures from a different perspective and angle.

I went for Telephoto, up close and personal shots.

As you can see the weather was extremely kind to us, which helps with the colours in a low Autumn sun.

Trev found, guess what, a Mushroom so I thought I would show his rear end before Eileen kicks it.

At high tide, as Trev said you could see how far up the ship it was, had to put a PS in here somewhere.

Then it came, High Tide so we all took up various positions to get a different shot. You can see the water around the land Rover on the Jetty.

The first shot the Rudder was well under water.

After a Cream tea, very yummy we disembarked to see the Rudder about a hour and a half later completely out of the water.

Shot at high tide.

Last but not least a reflection shot at high tide of the mast, I liked the weird shapes in the water.

Lots of the shots were very similar so I hope we don't duplicate too many.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite luv Mike XX

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Jeans 60th and their 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

Hi folks,

Last night we attended Charles and Jeans Party and had a wonderful tine. Here's a few of last might for you to see.

 The hostess Jean

And her Husband Charles

John and Ann, guests.
And his wife Gloria

We went on holiday with these two earlier in the year and had a great time.

I think I will have a piece of cake whilst no ones looking.

And last but by not means least, the star of the party..................

The newly arrived William, Jean and Charles's grandchild just four weeks old.

Thanks for looking,

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Your wish is our command, Eileen!!

Hi folks,

Well work still getting in the way and as Eileen is fed up with "Mushrooms" I thought I had better console her and put up this one taken on Wednesday.

Ye old PS in all it's glory.

This is the most photographed wreck on the Medway according to Jean and I am inclined to agree. The wreck is of course the Waterloo which is opposite that Icon, the Power station on the Hoo side of the river.
I am always intrigued what is still on board.

This wreck has a very interesting hull with loads of rivets showing its' age. This close up was taken very close to the water line with the tide in. As you can see the hole in the side is oozing water and showing some rather nice rust colours as the tide comes in and out.

Last but not least is a close up of a duck, but I cheated here. Trev normally uses his long lens to capture them but I used part of the new display of animals newly erected by the path to the shoreline at Riverside,

Well as time is marching on I must quit and smarten myself up for an event tonight.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Friday, 25 November 2011

Up and down Daisy.

Hi folks,

Just a small blog today as I have been out and about working.

Took these with Sues' camera on Wednesday before going to pick up Trevor. Daisy was on the Trampoline again this time at the Riverside Country Park.

This second one tickled us as she is at the lowest point and her face has distorted with the force of gravity. She looks like an old woman with no teeth. (poor Daisy we love her really)

This is one of her saying goodbye, so with that I will close, Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Thursday, 24 November 2011

If you go down to the woods today....................

Hi folks,

Just to continue on a theme, Trev and I went to a woods near Ashford to explore the Area. It was a bit of a rush as there was not that much daylight even though the weather forecast was " wall to wall sunshine" plus by the time it was 4pm it is nearly dark. After dropping off Daisy at Nursery we headed for lunch, then off to the woods.

Hothfield Heathlands is situated on the A20 just outside Ashford on the way back to Maidstone, you cant miss it as there is a burger bar on the left hand the side of the road, turn into slip road and turn left, the car park is on the left.

Trevs blog gives a good account of our visit.

This is what I got..........................

The woods had large clearings and a lot of broken down trees and is a very large area to explore.

Needless to say we came across lots of this. The tree stumps made a breeding ground for Fungi.

 If you look a the base of the fungi in some of the shots you can see the dead remains of the last batch of life followed by the new.

This one is a good example of rotting Toadstools being consumed by the new growth.( the last one looks like a man with a large hat)

Silly trying to comment on each individual Fungi so all I really want is a Fairy and you to enjoy what we saw in this wonderful place. Trev and I have made a pact to go back for another visit.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

ps must get a book on Fungi