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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Eagle and Rainbow Springs

Hi folks,

left Homosassa this morning on our way to the Springs.

Went past this and could not believe my eyes a huge blow up eagle peered down from the side of the highway advertising Eagle Car Dealership.  I did a U-turn and spent a while photographing the eagle, a snow man and Father Christmas, well why not!

One of the waterfalls in Rainbow Springs.  In the 1930's there was a zoo and butterfly attraction but now all that exists of these are some low walls and partial wired enclosures.   It costs money to run these things and the 2 dollar would not sustain these and high prices would deter visitors.

This one is dedicated to poorly Margaret, get well soon.

More decorations being taken down due to it being run by volunteers with little time on their hands.

The State Park is a place to swim, snorkel, fish, canoe, picnic and stroll, I sound like a Tour Guide but a couple of pictures on here don't show all I would like to.  The natural pools are a constant 72 deg F and comes from rain water 700 mile radius, areas are netted off so swimmers and canoeists are keep apart.

Last one in the shop, a rather large Tree probably the last decoration to come down.

Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to you all. Mike and Sue

Mermaids and a Sunset

hi folks,
yet another busy day, this time we headed south to Weeki Wachee, yes you heard right another state park south of the motel on route 19.

See I was right, this park holds a secret band of mermaids as I will show in a while.

Outside is this exquisite statue high above the park.

We were lucky to get a front seat for the show and waited in anticipation for it to start.

Well what a show with a story line with a prince, a frog and a wicked witch.

The girls did very well swimming without air and using a tube as you can see in some of the pictures.

Then the couple came onto the stage in front to dance.

And so did the wicked witch, through a port hole above the tank, quite spectacular.

Back in the tank, you can see the girl holding the air pipe.

The whole show was a job to photograph and you could not use flash and there was some distortion from the glass and the weather played it's part as the natural light from above kept altering with the clouds going over.

Back on the road and a stop for a snack and a polo shirt from this steak house.

Finally the last shot of the day from Bayport as the sun went down.

Nite nite, Mike and Sue.

Monday, 28 December 2015

What a Neat Day in Homosassa.

Hi folks,
left Cedar Keys behind and travelled south to this funny sounding place which had the light show a few days ago. Booked into a motel at 10.30am and was in the park an hour later. As we had only seen it in the dark this was a unique experience as you can see below.
Getting to be like an American now, bacon and pancakes, turning right on red and picking up the lingo.

This park was originally privately owned and taken over now as a state park, the only remaining wild animal was Lu an 55 year old male African Hippo always a great attraction.

Here he is out of the water before lunch and weighed 6,000 lbs.

The park was taken over in 1989 by the State and they rehoused every creature not native to Florida there was a public outcry about poor Lu and the Governor gave him the special status of being a citizen of Florida.

One of my dreams was to see a Manatee in the wild but as it is so warm near 85f today they stay out in the cool of the river so I had to make do with a rescued one in a tank. 

The river runs through the park.

It is also used by the public as you can see.

The park officials, all voluntary were already packing the Christmas decorations away, when I asked why it was because the volunteers only had the weekends and any time off to pack them away. They have 400 unpaid people tending the park which is amazing.

On into the park, I will just show what is on offer and at £10 in our money which is cheap.

Right Stephen we need you expertise, what are these?

Vickie's friend.

White Pelicans as shown yesterday which are free to leave at any time.

My favourite, a Bald Eagle which has an injured leg and is quite happy to hop around.

Another White Pelican with reflection

A Panther quite happy to play with this green ball which he was very clever at dribbling it around his big enclosure.

Back to Lu who was having a bath before his dinner.

Lastly a view of our new Motel and I might Christen the pool in the morning.

Thanks for looking, Mike and Sue.

Sunday, 27 December 2015

Boxing Day on the Water

Hi folks,
well today I had a boat trip out at sea whilst our Sue went shopping.

Leaving the harbour.

Looking back on the town,

Stopped by but not allowed to land.

Cormorants all lined up

One in flight.

Brown Pelican aloft.

Mango tree in the water with it's roots exposed.

Light house at the highest point in Florida

We skirted the islands around Cedar Keys and were given a history lesson of the influx of the Spanish and the loss of birds on the island since February last.

 Off North of the islands to find the large White Pelicans.......

And we found them, look in the centre of the picture there is a standard brown against the huge white ones. A wonderful sight.

White Pelicans on a sand bank.

Back to the harbour after a fantastic day out at sea.

Thanks for looking, Mike, Sue stayed ashore..