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Monday, 20 June 2016

Mucking about on the river

Hi folks,
just a few more of Walton on Thames to finish up with, along the tow path was this quaint run down cottage with lots of interesting "quirky" items in the front garden. Good to photograph but not allowed to enter the property so all taken from the tow path.

Looking over the wall., we stopped at this three times and each time found other interesting things.

See what you can pick out, Tom, Plane, Bust, Floodlight and many more.........................

Lots of copies of this sign but I recon that this was an original.

Mr Hodges................"put that light out"

Strange door bell.

Bananas, Teresa's Mascot on the wall trying to get a look in..

Earlier, Teresa, known by a lot of you being reunited with him after she left him at the van.

Lastly a couple of the Thames.

Looking towards Walton on Thanes from the footbridge as the sun began to set.

We have to say that Mandy and John excelled themselves with the location of the site, thanks to all in the Surrey group. We will be back next year. Mike and Sue