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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Queen of the Castle

Hi folks,
last day with Daisy before she goes home so out to Upnor Castle with a bit of dressing up on the side.

Step aside

I see plenty of ships.

Acting out being a Dragon.

Lastly a couple from me getting close up.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Day out to Whitstable

Hi folks,
yesterday, Sue, Margaret Daisy and I went to check out the harbour at this lovely seaside town. The only thing that got in the way was the weather, still a good time was had by all.

Had to laugh at this one on the harbour as we follow Daisy's Diary.

Daisy and Margaret with a Lamborghini., what big wheels you got!

Weather still looked grotty and not many holiday makers about.

Still, nice decorations on the buildings.

Daisy on the beach found a shell to take home.

More sea art.

The place that Whitstable is famous for.

With Oysters outside and a Lemon thrown in for good measure.

Back home and a trip to the play area.

My favorite of the day to end with.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Prague, My View # 21

Hi folks,

well it's up in the air day today. Indeed, quite high in fact to the top of the Petrin Tower on the far side of the river high up on the hill. We cheated and used the train up.

Through the gardens we went looking for the tower in the trees and hoping the weather cleared.

And as if by magic, blue skies.

Well not quite by the time we queued and climbed the thing. The view was fantastic from the top, you can see the river snaking through the city.

Looking down in the gardens below.

Great view of St Vitus Cathedral in it's Castle courtyard.

and of course the famous Charles Bridge that got into so many photographs.

Then it was time to go, back down the Tower and the Vehicular Railway and back to the hotel.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Friday, 24 July 2015

Prague, My View # 20

Hi again folks,

nearing the end of our trip but still a lot to show. This one shows our walk along the River Vatlva before we climb the Petrin Tower for our last big look over Prague.
 As I have said before it is a wonderful city with loads to see and well worth a trip, we still missed loads and would love to have another week there if funds allow.

Fun and games by the river.

What's this then, ah a boat that is made to look like a car.

Looking back toward the Charles Bridge whilst crossing the Legion Bridge.

Detail on lamp post across the river.

Lock before the Charles Bridge due to the Weir.

Thanks for taking the time to look, Mike

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Prague. My View, #19

Hi folks,

time for a coffee and in my case a Hot Chocolate with a couple of biscuits made on the premises.

These biscuits where even on the loo door which made us chuckle as bits if the icing were missing.

Wine stacked on on the shelves

The biscuit making machine on the right, the other girl was busy making drinks for the customers

Suitably refreshed we crossed the road and entered St. Salvator Church and gatecrashed a wedding, well not quite. We stood up the back watching and admiring the interior carvings.
The church by the Charles Bridge was founded is the 16th century and completed in the 17 and is one of the most valuable baroque buildings in Prague and built by the famous architect Carlo Lurago and housed a beautiful 18th century organ shown later in the blog.

Closeup of the screen at the back of the church

Views of some of the lovely interior.

Looking up towards the Dome

One of the numerous paintings around the church.

And of course the 18th century organ.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Prague, My View # 18

Hi folks,

Back in Prague and today another trip on the Metro which was our main form of transportation.

All the stations were very clean and tidy, this was about 10am after the rush hour.

Signage was very good and we found our way about with ease although Sue didn't like the fast escalators.

Up the escalator and out into the daylight and my first task of the day, climbing this tower. you may notice the blue chairs, these were all around Prague advertising and exhibition. The Tower was a form of defence in the 15th century holding troops to protect the river the Cathedral and Castle on the other side. 

At the top after a caught my breath I looked down on Charles Bridge with it's traders plying there wares under the watchful eye of the Saints dotted all along either side.

Looking across the river and up the hill with St.Vitus and the Castle proudly sitting on the top.

Have a close look below and you will see a custom carried out on the bridge. The idea is to touch the statues and get luck from the Saints as the lady in black is doing.

Looking back into the city you will see the top of a church in the foreground with statues, that's our next port of call. The city has it is estimated a 1000 spires stretching into the distance.

Halfway down the tower was a room once housing soldiers to guard the city and another jewel in the crown of Prague, this fantastic ceiling

And the ornate door as you left.

Right, time for a drink, thanks for looking, Mike