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Thursday, 30 April 2015

Berck Kite Festival 2015 # 3

Hi folks,
Well Friday was a bit wet, we had rain in the night but it had stopped by the time we ventured out.
As it at was grey and the kites would not look their best I ventured back to the Wind Gallery to get some closeups.
As you can see it was a bit misty so I got this fantastic wind mobile with a chap flying his kite, the whole contraption rotated by the wind and his Yellow Cody Kite went around and around.

This is the wonderful Wendy an English lady who was asked to display her creations made solely from recycled bottle, boxes and the like. She is holding Prince George.

Next was a pram for the new Prince or Princess not born yes hence the pink and blue material in the recycled pram, she had a baby already to go into the pram once she knew.

Other people where in the display including Her Majesty.

William, George and a soldier keeping guard with dog Lupo.

As the day progressed and after a bit of light refreshment the sun reappeared again.

Along the Promenade I caught up with the China man in the last blog making a Dragons Head out of Bamboo, it had a lot of detail.

Back outside the kites started to take to the air again

Including our old favorite the Minion, Stuart.

Not sure about this one, it was big and looked like a girl until...

I noticed the beard.

Last one for today.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Berck Kite Festival 2015 # 2

Hi folks,
Still on Thursday after the festival got going and the sun got better and better.

 I think the kites say it all so enjoy.

Right, that's Thursdays spectacular day done, time for a beer.  Mike

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Berck Kite Festival 2015

Hi folks,
Sue and I have just been across the water to France to attend the annual kite festival with members of the Kent Kite Flyers and had a fantastic time with good weather and good company.

Here is just a snapshot of our first day, Thursday and after a quick fly on the beach it was time to take some photos.

A lovely sandy beach with nice colours where all around us.

On  the promenade was this fantastic merry go round and the crowds were starting to gather.

Next stop was the wind garden with a wonderful array of different objects, a lot made from scrap and recycled material if you look closely.

The wind was blowing and these were taken at a high shutter speed to stop the action.
  CD discs painted.

Back on to the main beach, I had to show this and inflatable Elvis, you can see the size of him by the height of the man in the foreground. He is only an inflatable and is held up by a lifter kite high above him, you have see the line above his head holding him up. Hes is specially made by hand from a kite material called rip stop and really well made.

Loads more to show but must finish unpacking.
See you all soon, Mike

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Trip to Queenborough and Sheerness

Hi folks,

Just a few from our trip the other day to the Isle of Sheppey, with glorious weather we took the opportunity to explore the island.

First Queenborough and the seafront with its murals painted on the sea wall.

Painted in both directions.

and the other way.

Moored alongside was a replica of the Bounty which the owner said took him fifteen years to build.

Further along was a plague with a bit of history about the Hulks on the Medway and there prisoners.

Set behind an anchor.

Looking across the water towards Grain Power Station.

Then on to Sheerness and a quick look around the town.

Holly Trinity Church.

The Conservative Club.

                                                          and a cup of tea in the Beano

Thanks fpr looking, Mike

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Bexhill Classic Car Easter Parade

Hi folks,

Last weekend being Easter Sue an I went to the Motor Caravanner Club in Bexhill and had a fantastic time. On Easter Sunday there was a show of cars at Britain's first racetrack which in 1902 raced along the seafront. The first picture is a modern sculpture to commemorate the event.

Some of the classic cars on display.

This one has an extra Bonnet or Hood to our American friends.

Stuck on a Morris Van for the occasion.

Three Bonnets for the price of one.

Now for a British Classic, the Austin Seven.

Note the badge on the grill ......

and the basket on the roof to boot.

Lastly one for our friends Tony and Gloria.

Thanks for looking, I have a few more. Mike