Trials,Tribulations and Happy Moments in my busy life

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Still in bed

Hi peeps,

As I am new to this country and the weather has taken a turn for the worst I think I will stay in bed in the warm.

Mike is  trying to get the blog to work properly but since he enlarged the images on holiday it had stopped the ability to enlarge the image by clicking on it.

They are wishing they were still there ( so do I), here's one taken at Key West that seems so long ago now.

See you later Bye Bye  Henry  XX

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Ruby Tuesday

Hi peeps,

Well Monday came and went with not much apart from work going on.

Today was a different story, we had Daisy who we had not seen for 5 weeks due to the trip to America. With the Glorious weather we decided to go to the new playground at Luton Rec and had a lovely time with her on the swings and slides etc.
She has grown in those weeks and we noticed a difference in her but still as gorgeous as ever.

Short and sweet tonight as Henry wants to go to bed. Nit nite XX

Monday, 23 May 2011

Sunday out with the gang

Hi peeps,

Bit of a quiet Sunday after our weeks of rushing around. They left me at home with Ernie whilst the all went to Ashford to see Ian, Claire and Daisy. They all went out to lunch to catch up on things that happened whilst we were away.

Re the blog, I understand that the images that Mike put up whilst away were straight out of the camera therefore as he posted large images they could not be enlarged, sorry about that. He says that he will return to the original size and let peeps click on them to enlarge.

Here's one to try.

Right, off to work Mike goes to earn us a few sheckles.

bye bye for now, luv Herny XX

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Reunited with a happy ending

Hi peeps,

Well here we are in Sunny England, I must say at the moment it is like being back in my native town of Naples Florida.
We had a very lazy day yesterday after the flight and they spent most of the day putting the clothes and luggage away. Mike went to Ashford in the afternoon to repair Claire's car which had decided to break down the day of our return, still it could not have happened at a better time.
Then it happened, about 9pm there was a knock on the door, it was Tony and Gloria who we went away with. Tony then passed a parcel to Sue, as she opened it she was amazed. It was another Ernie just like the one Sue lost on holiday.

Well nearly, Sue says that he is much cleaner and his fur is nicer  even though he is as old, as no one has ever played with him.

Well that's the end of the holiday and I have a friend to sit on the bed with so we are both happy bears, in fact the whole family is happy.

Thanks to all that followed the blog, we will continue to post our antics on here.

Nite nite from a very happy Henry loads of luv .XX

Ps, see the sticker on my foot, that was put there by a very nice Trolley driver in St Augustine.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Henry comes home

Hi peeps, Alls well that ends well.

Yesterday morning I was packed securely in the hand luggage bag for my trip. At the time I had no ideas were I was going to end up it was very dark in there but I had the computer to keep me warm, After all Mike has used it a lot over the last month. After breakfast they headed for the Airport, that went wrong and we arrived about  4 hours ahead of schedule due to no eatrys as Tony calls them on route.
We arrived at the Airport, the car was all covered in Love Bugs even though we were driving at 45 mph. We were greeted by a nice African girl who took a shine to me as we gave back the fly and beetle infested motor vehicle.
Off up the ramp we went, Gloria was a bit fed up as we got there too early but soon cheered up at the sight in the Airport lounge by large Micky Mouse and Sealife shops. Gloria was in her element, The time flew by and I was soon taken onto the big white thing with wings. They all sat down , Fred started to act the goat as usual but I had the last laugh. After the flight Gloria got off and, don't say it,  forgot Fred, he was left behind on the plane.
A lady fortunately picked him up and was going to take him to the lost property  when Gloria caught sight of him on the staircase and called down to the woman and they were reunited.
We seem to have had a month loosing cuddly toys, first Ernie and then the Harrods bear which was to replace the one which Ian lost, then we nearly lost Fred.

Anyway I am off the bed in my new home which is quite nice. I shall be counting down the days when the new Ernie arrives which should be Saturday, I am sure we will be the best of friends.

Nite Nite, luv Henry, no pics tonight as Mike is fast asleep.  XXX

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Well that's it Cocoa here we come

Hi peeps,

Well here we are on the last day of the holiday. We set off at 10 and arrived at 3pm at Cocoa Beach, which is not far from Orlando our departure Airport. I am a bit scared as I have not been on a plane before except on the one from China.

Looking  forward to my new home in England and  meeting the new Ernie. I'm sure we will get on just fine.

Mike took me to Ron Jon Surf Shop, it is an enormous store on the beach front.

Here's a taster of inside.

Well that's it all we have to do is pack and get on the plane.

There we are, can't finish without a pretty girl on the beach, Mike asked permission and her boyfriend approved, well, what can I say?

Nite nite, luv Henry XX

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Last day in St. Augustine, Florida

Hi peeps,
Well by the time you read this we will have left St. Augustine, a lovely old town where we have been riding the Old Town Trolley Route.  We have hopped on and off so much I am feeling like a rabbit, my ears are beginning to twitch and Freds' ears are definitely longer.

Today we saw Flagler College, Memorial Presbyterian Church and had a Scenic Cruise, here are some pics for you all.

Henry then took us on a river cruise around the bay and of course Fred had to come along.

The silly chump had a trolley sticker, you cant take him anywhere.

The old Fort.

As it's night tine Mike wanted to put up a night pic from yesterday.

Hotel opposite the Flagler Museum the Casa Monica, a really up market place with up market people.

No good for me then.

We that's it for today,

Nite nite luv Henry XX

Monday, 16 May 2011

Another day in town

Hi peeps,
Well that's another day done and all the crew are shot to bits. I dont know where they get there energy from, Its 11 pm here so Mike will just do a few pictures of  today before we go to bed as the shuttle will be going up tomorrow and Mike and Tony want to see it. No peace for the wicked.

Well sorry for no text but I hope that a picture spells a thousand words.

Nite Nite all, luv Henry XX

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Trip around St. Augustine

Hello peeps,

We were all up early to go into town to look around again.

Tony Glo, split up and went  their own way around the town and we all met up in the Lightner Museum.

First off there was a Classic Car Show with a wonderful array of Motors.

A load of trophy's for the winners

 First off was a Cobra, a wonderful car but not very comfortable according to the owner.

A view under the bonnet, or should I say hood.

We saw this caddy and thought of Ian.

It was made the year he was born.

Then we found a Spanish enactment at the side of the road.

This bloke had a Blunder bus and when he fired it Mike nearly dropped the camera, wow that was a bang.

To finish off the day we went into the Lightner Museum which is full of treasures he collected over the years as he was an oil mogul with pots of money.

Just a taster, a Tiffany lampshade, there were many more.

Just one of the many viewing rooms .

Right off to dinner now,

Nite Nite,luv, Henry

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Henry and the Pancake Machine

Hi peeps,

Sorry but due to the technical problems with the blog I forgot to post my favourite piece of equipment. You just press the button and out pops two pancakes. Mike says I am not allowed to eat them as I am too small, he just wants to eat them himself.

And  hey presto!!

That's shut him up for the day.

We went to a Mall today and got bored looking at clothes, and guess what Mike and Gloria went for yet another swim. I must keep an eye on those two.

Tonight we went into St.Augustine again for a walk about and they all had a beer in a so called English Pub and they came home and crashed out again.

Mike took this as a potted history.

An old Buick at dusk.

Last but not least a image of the old town at night. Mike says he is going to take the tripod on Sunday and take some night shots, I think I will stay in and go to bed with Fred.

Nite Nite all luv Henry

Friday, 13 May 2011

Henry's day without the blog

Hello peeps,

Well the blog is back again.

We all spent last night in the cool wandering around St. Augustine. Sue and Mike were last here 11 years ago and the place is much the same. The town is the oldest in America and was found by the Spanish is the 15 century and later plundered by the English, so much for us being squeaky clean.

Mike says that it also has a nice bridge and a Fort which they will investigate tomorrow.

Will cut it short for now as it is 5 pm and the pool beckons Mike and Gloria, the other 4 of us are off for an afternoon siesta, lazy lot.

Nit, Nite luv, Henry XX

Thursday, 12 May 2011

A morning at the Lake Wales Museum

Hello everyone,

Last night after I went to bed Mike and Tony ventured out to use Mikes Tripod after all if you bring it 4000 odd miles you should use it. Here is one of the front of the hotel last night.

One of our lovely swimming pool.

And to be really silly one of a Truck in the car park.

In the morning Fred and I went to a museum with our captures and had some fun on the exhibits (the curator did not mind as we were funny English people). It was a lovely place with loads of oldey worldy things to look at and me and Fred messed about, it was great fun.

Me being silly.

An old Diesel Loco outside.

There were loads of things in the place, that I can't show them all, here's a taster.

Fred said I would be driving if it were England because they drive on the wrong side of the road, there is going to be plenty to learn when I got to their home!!  Tony told us it was only about 50 deg F there, oh dear, I will need some thick clothes.  After an exhausting morning they then went for a Mexican meal and looked around the town then came back to the hotel where Mike went for another swim.  I think he will turn into a dolphin at this rate.

For tea we went to a big lake and had rolls whilst sitting on the pier, this made a good end to another good day.

Can any kind follower tell us what sort of birds are these? They have red on top of their heads and we saw about 18 of these in a group...............

We are leaving Lake Wales in the morning after more pancakes and maple syrup, there is a machine, you push a button and it automatically cooks two pancakes and delivers them to a plate.  I shall see if I can take a picture and show you tomorrow.

Nite Nite, luv Henry.