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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 16

Hi folks,
getting near the end now as the following day we would fly home.

On Charles Bridge as dusk fell.

One of the many statues on the bridge most of them blackened in colour.

Last of the sightseers going under the Charles Bridge

Walking across the bridge, notice the people look like ghosts due to the show shutter speed when using a tripod as the light faded..

The penguins from blog8 at the entrance to the lock next to the Weir on the River Vltava

Roof of the National Theatre that dominates the skyline. The roof is covered in stars to symbolize the summit which all artists should aim for.

The Church of St. Francis Seraphicus.

To the right on the picture is Rodolfinum, (the house of Artists)  It includes Concert and Exhibition Halls.

Prague Castle at night dominating the skyline.

With the Cathedral of St. Vitus.

Old Town Bridge Tower.

The Church of the Holy Saviour with its thirteen statues and five vases.

Thanks for looking, nearly all done now, just a few of the City the following morning before our flight home. Mike

Monday, 12 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 15

Hi again folks,
Getting near the end of our four day trip and after visiting Prague Castle we started back down the hill towards Charles Bridge.

Images taken in the way down.

Fanfare on Charles Bridge as we arrived at the bottom.

Time for a break.

These were wonderful to eat on the hoof.

Thanks for looking, a few night shots next time. Mike

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 14

Hi folks,
back to the holiday, if you remember we had climbed the hill to Prague Castle and been inside the Cathedral. Next to explore the buildings inside the secure walls.

Here are two members of the Official Corp guarding "The Giants' Gate", looking at their feet you will see that they are standing on an area of decking and inside the Century Boxes is a further area of decking clearly designed to keep some cold from their feet.

The Archbishop's Palace.

Coat of Arms of the Prince-Archbishop high above the entrance to the Archbishop's Palace..

Gleaming mosaic of the Last Judgement above the cathedrals' Golden Door on the south side.

Also on the south side of the Cathedral was a Nativity Scene built from a straw like material.

Vladislav Hall in the Royal Palace complex built during the reign of Vladislav II, it is the largest secular space within Medieval Prague.  Used for banquets, receptions, coronations and indoor jousting competitions with a staircase made with wide gently sloping steps to accommodate horses. 

The Crown Jewels of Bohemia, these may be copies as the guide book says they are rarely displayed and kept very secure by locks with seven keys, the holders of each having to be present at the time of opening.  Real or fake they are the Royal Scepter, St Wenceslas Crown and the Royal Apple.

Entrance to the Royal Palace.

From there we cut our visit short to start our decent.

Regards, Mike

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Mote Park in the Mist

Hi folks,
last weekend was our first meeting of the ME Medway Facebook Group.
We meet in the car park at 10 am on a cold and foggy day to play with our cameras. The dog is called Raine

I think we all thought that the day would be a disaster but we all did our own thing and got some good results. Canada Geese on the prowl.

This is Darrel doing his exercises (not really, he was getting up after taking a picture).

With a lake full of wild fowl and lots of mist/fog. I really think it was heavy mist. "please don't eat me Mr Swan" said the puppy.

All lined up and ready to go.

One of Sue's "scenes", not many picnickers.

Followed by one of mine.

This tree looked a bit worst for wear.

We all had discussion about taking people and children and I said as long as you ask permission it would be ok.This is the lovely Hannah with her mum close by and her mun loved the shot.

Back to the lake and this tree in the mist caught my eye

By mid day and the mist still about a model boat appeared on the lake with the birds giving it a wide berth, it was the HMS Barnham used in both world wars.

Lastly just before we packed up I got this Mallard preening showing his blue wing patch.

Followed by little and large, a Coot and Swan.

Thanks for looking, must get back to Prague, lots more to show.

Regards, Mike

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Snapshot of Prague Part 13

Hi folks,

We  are now at the top of the hill and about to enter St Vitus Cathedral with it's two west towers.and the magnificent rose window in the centre. Work started on the Cathedral in 1344 and carried on over the years and was finally completed in the 19 and 20th centuries. It stands in the fortified castle grounds. More views of this magnificent structure later in the blogs.

The splendid Chancel roof and high windows and is over 33 metres high and 124 meters long.

Most of the windows are of modern designs with very bright colourful stained glass. 

The very large Rose Window depicts scenes from the biblical story of creation.

The lofty central Nave with the unusual interlacing in the vault.

A most interesting and fascinating huge building towering above us making us feel very insignificant.

A great place to photograph and we could have spent many hours in there by ourselves.

More to come...we ain't finished yet.

Regards, Mike