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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Prague, My View # 6

Hi again folks,
The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul as shown in the last blog.

I'm not going to say anything, just let the images inside this wonderful church do the talking.

Enjoy as you go through the door.

Thanks for taking the time to look, please leave a comment if you can. Regards, Mike

Monday, 29 June 2015

Prague, My View # 5

Hi again folks,
Next morning we started on our quest to find the unseen treasures that we had missed on our Christmas trip. On the boat trip we had seen two spires sticking up on what looked like a ruin on a high rampart from the boat on the Vltava river.
So after breakfast we got on the Metro and went to the station nearest the "ruin" to investigate, after a short walk we found a sign to the area.

The area turned out to be part of Prague's original fortifications, Yvsehrad means "Castle on the Heights"

Through two magnificent arches the Leopold Gate below. 

 and reached the ramparts over looking the river.

Looking to the right was Prague below us for the first of many times on our trip as you will see later.

Then I spotted the two "ruined" spires which in fact had purpose made holes in then to allow the wind to go through. we proceeded around the ramparts towards what was a very large church of St Peter and St Paul.

This indeed was a great find and looked very promising inside, the spires dominated the skyline.

The front doors are magnificent with beautiful mosaic so we had to venture in.

Behind the door was a spectacle beyond belief. but that's for the next blog, Regards, Mike

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Prague My View # 4

Hi again folks,
today we concentrate on the Old Town Square. We are still on the day that we arrived now quite late into the evening and lovely light. People where having a drink in the square, such a contrast from last December with all the Christmas trees about.

The famous clock dates back to 1410 and has suffered the test of time. It was designed and built by Jan Ruze also called Hanusn The legend stated that after he built the clock he was blinded by Prague Councilors so that he could not build another. But this was there undoing as it broke down soon after and could not be repaired for 100 years.

The Town Hall in the Old Town Square. Note the bell in the corner of the wall on the right hand side.

Various building have ornate carvings above the doors.

Just a manikin protruding out from a shop.

This amused us flapping it's wings all day and night.

Glass and Chrystal dominates Prague, loads of shops selling it.

Then in to Wenceslas Square with bubble blowing instead of Christmas Trees, like the little boy expression ducking underneath.

Thanks for looking, Regards, Mike

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Allhallows Village Fete

Hi folks,
went to this event today in the sunshine and had a lovely time with the family. Great event well staged and lots to see.

Well home now and exhausted, thanks for looking, Regards, Mike

Prague My View # 3

Hi folks,

continuing with this beautiful city, across the road from the Municipal House is this famous Opera House.

Next door was the Powder Tower one used for the original towns fortification and the storage of gun powder, hence it's name.

Unique sites throughout, like this corner facade......

and as for churches, well they are in another world.

It's decorations are exquisite.

The shops have a place as well like the one below.

With on course the famous clock, more on that later.

that's it for today as it's past my bedtime, night all. Mike