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Monday, 22 September 2014

Bewl Reservoir. Kent

Hi folks,
just a few from our weekend away, weather was changeable but at least it was dry This was our first trip out with the Kent section of the Motorcaravanners club which we enjoyed.

The next morning we hoped for a sunrise over the lake but ...... 
Closeup of the water and drain towers, yuck.

I then spotted the bird in the bottom right hand of the picture and yes to my amazement it was a Grebe. I was amazed that it looked so vibrant in the morning mist.

In came the boat for the morning cruise we didn't go in the end as the crew could not make up there minds on the departure time due to the lack of people.


 We did get some sunshine after all.

Finally on the Sunday we treated ourselves to a cooked breakfast in the restaurant. This shot was out of the window as we enjoyed our meal.

Thanks for looking, regards, Mike.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Wildlife in Aylesford

Hi folks,
had a smashing day out in the sunshine with the wife Sue and Margaret, sat by a small lake and played with the camera.

Black Swan.

Muscovy Duck, (thanks John).

Close up of a Brent Goose. 

Elusive Grey Heron who kept dodging about and not a bit like the one at Capstone Park.

Plumage and secondary feathers from this male Mallard.

First sign if autumn.

Thanks for looking. Regards, Mike

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Hole Park Gardens 2

Hi folks.

after a weekend away I thought I would  resume the tour of the gardens.
Before we left the formal gardens I took a shot of the Memorial Gates in memory of Capt. Wilfrid Barham, a member of the family who was killed at the age of 21 at Ypres in 1915. The Dragon on the top is a badge of the Buffs, the East Kent Regiment in which he served.

We left the formal gardens and entered through the gate into the wooded area.

Unusual for this time of the year were summer Crocuses.

The Rockery made of Northumberland stone.

Autumn is on its way, Japanese Maples.

Sarson stone moved from another location in the garden and thought to be pre Roman surrounded with newly planted small Silver Birch.

Wellingtonia Pines, some were destroyed in the 1987 storm. They have a really soft and spongy bark.

Ice house repaired in 2011 and is quite a long way from the main house.

Wow, very deep and the next diagram shows its construction, note the drain at the bottom which takes water back to the stream.

Plan of the Ice House design.

Thanks for looking and I hope you enjoyed the tour. Regards, Mike.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Hole Park Gardens

Hi folks,
off again this time to Rolverden in Kent to explore this home of the Barham family for over 100 years. The surrounding park and woodlands is in 200 acres with many views.

The sunken garden with lots of topiary and pleasant seats.

Looking through the Walled Garden and beyond towards the Woodland Garden.

Water Lilly in the Millennium Garden. 

The Eagle's Slayer, a sculpture by John Bell which was exhibited is the Great Exhibition of 1851 and depicts a Shepard boy giving revenge to the eagle which had slain a lamb at his feet.

The Egg Pond an egg-shaped pond by the Four Seasons Garden is believed to have been the source of ice for the Ice House.

Statues depicting the Four Seasons.

Top of the walled garden.

First sign of autumn, leading down to the woodland walk.

Finally another view of the house from the meadow.

More of the Woodland Walk and the Ice House later.
Regards, Mike

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Almshouses of Cobham

Hi folks,
at the side of the church is a bricked up doorway which originally led from the church to Cobham College beside of it.The building was started in 1362 as a college for five priests. After the College was dissolved the buildings remained empty until the 10th Lord Cobham willed it to be converted into Almshouses and called the New College.

Through the door we entered the Quadrangle just seen on the right.

Opening out into the Quadrangle showing the converted individual "houses" being 21 in all. Originally it was a college with five priests.

Doors into the original little houses intended for pensioners of the surrounding Parishes as you can see by the names on the door. 

Diagonal path leading to the Refectory which was a big hall and meeting place. The hand pump in the centre installed by Elizabeth, Countess of Darnley in 1824 to supply water.

At the rear of the Quadrangle note the pouch that gives the impression it is falling down but it was secure.

As a rider to this in 1956 the houses were given individual cold water supplies, sink, electric light and cooking stoves. To the east the complex was extended with a new building of 16 flats in 1994 and 6 more in 2012 in keeping with the surroundings. All this is hidden away behind the church.

Thanks for looking, Mike

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

St Mary Magdalene,Cobham, Kent

Hi folks,
Sunday we went to Cobham and visited this 13th century church situated in The Street, Cobham.

There is plenty to see in the Chancel, we managed some sunshine whilst inside which shown up the windows well but by far the biggest item is the Brooke Tomb with effigies of George Brooke, Lord Cobham and his wife Anne Bray.

Closer look at the table-tomb dated 1561 with 14 mourning figures kneeling around the sides representing their 10 sons and 4 daughters. 

The guide tells me that all the stained glass windows were renovated in 2007 and this is I thought a particularly detailed window.

View of the High Altar, the ropes were cleverly arranged so that you didn't walk on the Brasses or touch the table-tomb but at the same time you could get close to them all.

Below are a number of brasses set out as a  "pavement", they were laid down in the early to mid 1800's, some are over 600 years old and for a small fee you can arrange to do brass rubbings.  You can buy a booklet which explains each brass in detail.

This window is in memory of Ivo, 8th Earl of Darnley and his Australian wife Florence, Ivo is the England Cricket Captain who was involved in "The Ashes" cricket tournament between England and Australia.  Those readers who followed by blog of Cobham Hall, the former home of the Earls of Darnley may remember Ivo and the Ashes Urn.  Cobham Hall is on the outskirts of the village of Cobham.

The candle stand is set to the side with a small seating area. 

The roof through the Chancel Arch showing just how big that table-tomb is.

There are four replicas of helmets which were hung in the church after being carried at funerals of their owners.  They are to be seen two each side on the walls either side of the High Altar.  The originals are housed in  the Royal Armouries in Leeds, far too rare and valuable to be left here but good to see the copies.

The organ was built by Richardson, organ builder to Queen Victoria in 1858, the blue curtain conceals the organist.

Thanks for looking, I do hope you enjoy your visits to my blog and next time I will show a rather hidden feature of the village of Cobham.

Regards, Mike