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Friday, 28 October 2011

2008 continued due to popular request

Hi folks,
Thanks for all the comments and asking for more images of our holiday in the USA.

Due to the fact that I had to work half the day and demolish the downstairs loo that scuppered going out so here we go....

Here's a shot of the tower I took the photos from yesterday, as you can see it's quite high and is called the Skylon Tower and is in Canada. You can walk across the bridge into Canada from America as long as you take your Passport.
Another view of the Horse Shoe Falls from the Tower. ( the one yesterday showed both ).
Looking over the Falls at ground level Canadian Side.
In 1969 they dammed the American Falls to clear the debris from the bottom as you can see in the picture. This picture is in the tunnels below the falls which is fantastic in itself.

A bit of light reading on the Falls re dewatering as the yanks call it.

Top of the Skylon Tower at night.
Maid of the Mist, what mist? going out to the falls, this is an experience not to be missed.
This mist!
View from the American side looking towards Canada.
The Canadians light their side of the Falls up. Taken on the bridge on the way back to America.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did taking them.

I wana go back!!.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Looking back to 2008

Hi folks,
Well I think I have got on top of the work which has it's ups and downs. Up, means that I get some cash to do up the house and down, it stops me going out. Still you cant have it all ways, I am going to try to sneak out tomorrow with my camera. Dont tell anyone.

Really sad that I have no blog to put up so I thought you might like this one.............

This is when we went to Toronto and up the CNN Tower, we stayed out late this day and had to contend with the American custons to get back to our hotel by Niagara falls.

Taken from the top of the Skyline tower showing both Falls. My do I yearn to go back someday.

Off to bed to dream about our next holiday.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Quiet day contemplating the winter

Hi folks,

Did not do much photography today as we spent most of the day looking for a sink for the downstairs loo which pleased Daisy immensely. Still we ended up at the tea room in Faversham creek for lunch which was most enjoyable. The weather was a bit overcast so I  left the camera in the bag.

On our day out with Margaret I spotted this at an entrance to a car park and thought it was very funny and apt in this day and age. Well to state the obvious so to speak.

Well sorry that tonight's is short but we have Trev on board tomorrow on the Daisy run. After our Chuck Wagon stop in Ashford we are going to get him a carpet for his new bedroom so dont wait up for a long blog tomorrow but you never know what might happen.

Watch this space

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Monday, 24 October 2011

Gravesend Part 2

Hi folks,

Continuing on yesterdays theme a few more of this towns riverside area.
The river is widely used even on a Sunday with loads of shipping.
Gun emplacements looking across the river by the park.
New training park for warming up for the 2012 Olympics.This area has been set aside for Basket Ball, Rock Climbing and has loads of exercise machines.
Poseidon statue in office complex by river. A modern sculpture in an office complex.
Unique way of advertising even the Gull seems interested.
Never seen so many swans.
More river traffic.
One I missed yesterday in the riverside gardens.
This seed fell on stoney ground.
Lily in a garden.
Sailing barge.
View of the PS on the way home from St Mary the Virgin Church, Chalk.

Hope you enjoyed our trip around the Riverside at Gravesend.

nite nite, luv Mike XX

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Guess where this is?

Hi folks,
As it was such a lovely day today, Sue, our friend Margaret and I decided to go out for a ride. We didn't go that far but thought we would get the old grey matter going so that you could guess.

This one could be anywhere in the Garden of England but it is near water.

Thought I would show these before Jack takes them out.

I would not have expected to see these blooms so late in the year.

Just to add to the mix some........ in a garden near by.   Don't know where it is yet, well the next one should help.

Very near to water??

Well we have fishermen by a man made fountain this should give the game away.

Well did you guess?  Yes it's Gravesham or Gravesend as my dear mum used to call it and the P S is .......... Tilbury.  I am beginning to think that they are all very much to same which I suppose they are after all they all produce electricity.

Hope you like the flowers will be back with a few more of this town tomorrow, it's very under estimated I think.

nite nite, luv Mike   XXX

Friday, 21 October 2011

The Warren

Hi folks,

Well the work load has really taken off and I am getting to the stage when I will have to put the brakes on so to speak. I am running a couple of days behind with my blog so please bear with me.

Wednesday pm after dropping Daisy at Nursery we headed off to to the Warren, that's Trev, Sue and myself. It became a bit of a job to find due to the fact that the entrance had been moved to the other side of the slip road onto the M20. Undeterred we found the entrance and parked up, got out the gear and set off. Poor Sue had to return to the car as the ground was fairly uneven so Trev and I set off again.

Down the track we went with Trev taking spooky trees and me just trying to get some nice shots as it was a nice day and the sun was shining through the trees. We met a couple of young lads on bikes and one apologised and said," sorry, did we spoil your shot" and we replied, no and thanked them for there concern. It was very nice to meet up with the younger generation who actually cared about other people, and off on our treck we went even happier.

There wasn't much bird life or fungi but plenty of nice trees about just showing there autumn colours.

We then cane across the pond with some nice reflections which we both liked so here's my shot taken at a different angle. Still no wildlife which was a shame.

Up onto a clearing we went as Trevs blog shows, I then headed for the berries on the tree which were starting to shrivel up as the cold weather approaches.

This is where the fun started, I bent down to get a close up of this Chestnut breaking out of its skin and I looked around and there was lazy Trev using his 300mm lens to take the same shot.

Well bless my cotton socks I know we are both retired but come on Trev.

As we headed back to the car we went under this railway bridge which we never even noticed much on the way out.

Well I had to add a spooky tree, but not so spooky in the bright blue sky.

As we approached the car park I noticed the new pedestrian bridge which crosses the M20 just after J 9 due to be opened shortly, shot from an unusual angle.

Well all in all we had a great time there with lots of banter and laughter arriving back at the car as poor Sue awoke from her afternoon nap.

Back home for some Spanish Chicken, "No Daisy and Holly you cant have any".  lol

nite nite, luv Mike xx

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dockyard revisited again

Hi folks,

Tuesday we went to the Dockyard Outlet and the Dockyard with little legs and had a lovely time with her. It was very windy but a bright day to go out.

First off was lunch after a quick look around the Range. Into Boomers we went and Daisy had her usual healthy meal, ham roll and an apple drink. She wanted to wear her crown that her mummy made the other week. She was really good in there and well behaved.

Next was a ride on her favourite machine, the Bob the Builder JCB . Every time she gets on it she gives him a kiss before the ride, magic.

Then it was time to brave the elements so outside we went along the Jetty and took this of the new apartment block on the riverside.

You can see how windy it was and Daisy snuggled up to nanny to keep warm.

Then it was time to go into the Dockyard and a trip around the Street Art Exhibition from the Victoria and Albert Museum, The lady on the desk as we went in said we would either love or hate it like Marmite. Well I love Marmite but did not go much on the Exhibition, you couldn't take pictures in there either, boo.

Next stop the Gannet which is having a new mast fitted. This is my only bird shot of the blog, sorry.

Trying out blur with my new lens, well you have to sometimes, dont you?

Daisy made a bee line for the play area and as you can see, it's still windy.

In to the pipe bending area which is original but uses foam for pipe bending and wooden pegs.

Next stop was the Church which has a lovely model of the Golden Hind which was made in the workshops in the Dockyard hung from the ceiling.

As it was getting late we headed for the Commissioners Gardens to finish off the day as Daisy who was very good was getting a bit tired at this point.

On the hedge in the garden there was this leaf standing upright as it to say "please take my photograph". with the sun lighting it up,  I had to oblige.

Last two are my favourite flower, the Rose, I was amazed how many there were still in bud and flowering mid October. The garden is kept emaculate and the Rose beds were in a bank sheltered from the elements.

Lastly a single Rose all on it's own waiting for the frost to arrive, a bit sad really.

I could post loads more but I think 12 images is enough.

I hope you enjoyed our trip out around the Dockyard.

nite nite luv Mike XX