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Friday, 26 April 2013

The Camp Site!

Hi folks,

Just a short one tonight as the time is getting on and we have had a busy day.

The campsite is wonderful with it's own lake and fish and lots more.

Spring is on it's way finally.

Mallard having a sunbath.

Come on family, no slacking.

Last one for Daisy and Holly

Thanks for looking, must sleep the holiday lark is tiring.

Best regards, Mike

Thursday, 25 April 2013


hi folks,

well we thought we would have a few days away, so packed Winnie and went west to Henley off the M25 of all places.

Here is Winnie on plot number 115, in the sunshine, she has electricity, drainage and hot and cold water. 

Here is one of her neighbours, I think I might swap Winnie for one of these Silverbacks (um, second thoughts, it would not fit on my drive), maybe I will stick with Winnie!

After lunch we walked into the town, about 7-8 minutes, this was our first sight of the River Thames at Henley, across the river you can see the preparations for the Henley Regatta this Summer.

Flower in bloom, perhaps spring is here, don't hold your breath.

There were an abundance of Mallards all trying to have their wicked way with each other.  This one was showing off to his mate.

From the other side of the river this Boat house looked very nice.

View towards the bridge with boats in the foreground.

We had a lovely walk and finished off with a coffee and rather delicious cake.

Well a bit of a problem with poor internet connection which I think is a joke in this part of the world and the site charged £3 per day which is £90 plus a month, what a way to rip people off.
Anyway, thanks for looking, moving on tomorrow.

Best regards, Mike.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Not so Dull Dungeness after all!

Hi folks,

well this is the last of train series and the coast.

On arrival we came across a mini scooter rally outside the cafe.

What a sight!!  This one could certainly see in the dark!!

I love Marmite!

Strange Scooter eh!

Even a Morris Minor.

Old ships anchor slowly rusting away on the grass.

One of the two lighthouses by the Power station.

We then came across a row of Morgans, this was getting better and better.

The people at Dungeness have a great way with unwanted objects, these are old paint brushes stuck in the ground, all different colours

This one was a front "garden", notice all the arty bits scattered about making the best of their rubbish in soil that doesn't grow much.

As there is no rich soil, the locals have to improvise and make do with things washed up on the beach which they use to "decorate" their gardens.

Lastly just before we all departed along came a Triumph Herald, what a lovely sight.

Thanks for tagging along on our day out.


Best regards, Mike

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Steam and Pebbles

Hi folks,

After a cup of tea we all climbed back on another train to continue our journey to the "end of the earth" as some people call it. I had a sneak preview of the cab before we moved off.

New Romney station is quite large with a turntable, maintenance sheds and roof to store carriages as you can see in the background.

Off we went into the countryside towards the power station and the pebble beach renowned for it's quirky buildings.

We arrived and ahead is the famous Dungeness B Nuclear Power station and the lighthouse. Note the railway track coming back on it's self so that the train did not have to turn around.

Well there she is a grey blob on the landscape, nothing much to look at really.

Before we popped off for lunch in the Britannia Pub a last look at the train that bought us here.

Tomorrows blog will be different, I hope, stand by.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike

Monday, 22 April 2013


Hi folks, Sunday we both went to The Romney and Dymchurch Railway for  day out shooting with the camera  and meeting up with other photogs for a trip around the railway and surrounding sights.
Car loaded, a friend Chris drove whilst we chatted on the way down to the seaside.
Arriving at the station we purchased our Rover tickets and waited for the train to take us on the New Romney and the on to Dungeness.

We duly arrived at new Romney and got off to check out the station and look around and of course take pictures.

This is the Southern Maid which we were all over like a rash taking various close ups long the way.

Reflection an a bright sunny day

Wonderful engineering detail.

Getting all steamed up ready for the off.

Time for a clean down, these engines are in presteen condition.

What a giant whistle.

Oil and water.

Lastly this came rattling through the station at high speed, well quite fast for a little train.

A few more tomorrow as we pack for a longer trip. all will be reveled later.

Best regards, Mike

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The English Festival 2

Hi folks what a lovely Sunday. 

Back to Saturday and the Riverside Festival.

After an Ice Cream we went to look at the displays by the Black Knight Historical Group who put on a fine display of  period scenes which looked very well done and lots of detail.

On the other side was a firing of a strange looking gun which made us all jump.
The hand Culverin consisted of a simple smooth bore tube, closed at one end for a small hole designed to allow the ignition of gunpowder. The tube was held in place by a wooden pole which could be held under the arn. The tube was loaded with gunpowder and lead bullets. The Culverin was fired by inserting a slow burning rope into the hole.

A display of Armour, Arrows and Longbows.

Archery demonstration then followed, I rattled off a set of fast shots and stopped this arrow in flight. Look between the two medieval boys eating chips and you will spot it.

On the mound towards the river was a chap in costume telling stories to the young children.

Now a couple of ladies costumes to finish with.

Lastly a young maiden with her head attire.

The  place was starting to get busy as we departed.

Thanks for looking, drop back soon.

Best regards, Mike

Saturday, 20 April 2013

The English Festival

Hi folks,  back again after a short delay to offer you some images of this local event in Gillingham Kent on a lovely sunny spring day be it a bit fresh. Trevor and I arrived as the event started and already it was very busy with people making the most of the sunshine.
One of the exhibitors caught my eye, that was Bee keeping and we chatted to a very knowledgeable lady for a while about the implications of keeping Bees.

Some of there products on display and for sale.

Next the fun side of the event, these characters were waiting for the mad hatters tea party to begin.

Keeping law and order by the market stalls.

One of the many food stalls on the site, this one tickled my fancy and it was an English Festival with a French van.

The event was very well arranged for the children with many rides including this one and all for free.

A few more to come but lots to do for the second half of the weekend, hope the sun keeps shining.

Thanks for looking.

Best regards, Mike.