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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Wisley Before The Rain

Hi folks,
last few of this venue before the sky turned grey and the rain came down.

Still in the glasshouse amongst the Cacti

Back at the entrance Palms on the right.

Going towards the cafe these unusual trees in the lawn.

After a drink and a chat, Chris who then stayed with me, we then sauntered into the woods.

Leaves were starting to go brown at the edges.

Bush showing off it's red autumn colours.

Final Dahlias before the frost.

Lastly the Canal and Loggia with walled garden leading back to the entrance as the rain began to fall, as you can see we were not the only ones beating a retreat.

That is all fro Wisley, hope to go again soon.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Love the dahlias and the house, a lovely spikey blog.Mrs Egg.

  2. Well Mike, I've kicked my shoes off and am now resting with a nice cuppa........after
    a lovely walk around Wisley ! You do spoil us....Some wonderful shots here,
    Thank you !
    Chris and Dave R

  3. Nice blog Mike.

    I missed the fact that you put another one up as I thought it was the same one.
    Third one up is the best

  4. A very relaxing look around Mike... what a stunning place to go ... thanks for these Wisley posts .
    Very interesting with loads to see in every picture!
    Eileen xx