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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Snapshot of Prague, Final Holiday Blog

Hi folks.

well that's it, the last of the Prague set on the day of our departure we visited the Monument at Vitkov,Memorioa building at the top of Vitkov Hill. (Prague War Memorial)


From the roof overlooking the town.

Stopping for lunch.

Sorry forgot this one, Mike


  1. Hi Michael, wonderful blog. Prague is a beautiful city, so many great buildings, and the rooftop views wonderful, can't wait to see your next lot of photos of this years visit. Mrs Egg.

  2. What a wonderful place, gorgeous pictures thnk you for sharing

  3. Never get tired of looking at your shots of Prague.. such a stunning place and you do it proud ... I love the detail and the interesting facts you share with us ... cheers Mike .. go back quick! lol