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Sunday, 4 October 2015

Scotney in Autumn

 trip to another National Trust property to check out the fall colours before our club trip to Sheffield Park Wednesday week. Saturday was our choice and it didn't start off to good with loads of fog. We arrived at 12 and it was still a bit grim but we still we set off after eating out packed lunch.

First chance to view the house as it was previously occupied on our last visit a few years ago. This was taken later in the day once the fog had departed.

On the rear terrace overlooking the castle was this quaint pond with a special sculpture.

The cat trying to get the fish in the water.

On the way down to the castle with fog still lingering I set my sights on the flowers and leaves starting to turn as winter approaches.

Finally as we arrived at the Castle at sun broke through revealing it in all it's splendor with the reflection on the lake adding to it's beauty.

Lastly one of the few roses left, thanks for looking Mike and Sue.


  1. Great photos Mike love the reflections one.

  2. Fab pictures Mike.. LOVE the cat and the fish... you ''do'' flowers so well too!
    E xxx