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Monday, 2 November 2015

Queen Daisy and Her First Dip

well it's all happening down on the Grain sea front. Now these Ferrets on leads, I ask you what ever next but they seem to enjoy it.

Here he is with all that gear, note the fetching bag that holds Miss Snowflake, at this present time at home having a well earned sleep after her first walk earlier this morning.

I think this is May the lighter one of the Ferrets giving Queen Daisy a sniff. The boots added a touch of colour in all that mist.

Holly wondering what all the fuss was about and was already to go home for her dinner.

Note the Crown is still intact as she searches the pools for crabs, she did find one but it as dead.

I liked the colours of the seaweed, Queen Daisy was not impressed though.

This is when it all stopped as water was entering the designer boots. Queen Daisy with a poo bag full of shells.

Didn't get the name but this 18 month old Labrador liked the look of the Ferrets and Ken quickly gathered them up.

Oh no you don't, note the arrival of Daisy and Holly to protect their friends.

Not being outdone by Kens cobwebs I thought I would take a few myself .

Last one of both Daisys together, Holly was asking if there were any sandwiches in the bag?

Back at Allhallows with a nice cup of tea with Holly waiting to see what biscuit crumbs I would drop.

That's it for tonight, Mike


  1. Lovely blog, gorgeous pictures :)

  2. Aww.... thanks Mike, what super pictures of my ''babies'' and ...... Kendo! lol
    Your Daisy is a stunner !
    Eileen xx

  3. Thanks both, we were in the garden yesterday doing a "photo shoot "with leaves and she posed wonderful and I got some fab shots. She is growing up fast and is going to be a man eater. XX

  4. That Chocolate Woofer is called Brecon, after the Beacons!
    Mind you, we gave him the Woofers Warning for getting too close to The Girls!

  5. Thank you Daisy, he was a bit large.

  6. H Michael, You have made a dull day in Grain look great.