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Friday, 29 September 2017

St James, Cooling Kent

Hi folks, yes it's me again giving the blog another go.

Yesterday we took a trip to this church a favorite haunt of Charles Dickens who used to walk here from Higham. The church was originally constructed in 1241 and was at that time very close to the Thames estuary before the marshes were drained.

In the Nave looking towards the Chancel and the Altar.

This door lead into the vestry which is covered in  Cockle shells.

Close up of the Cockelshells affixed to the walls, the shells being a symbol of St James.

The East window which is Victorian.

Close up of the magnificent window.

The Chancel Arch which would have originally supported the Rood Beam.

On the North Wall is the Royal Arms of Queen Anne.

Opposite the Vestry is this Magnificent Organ.

Finally is the original 14th century door still hanging on its original hinges but the doorway behind is bricked up.

Thanks for taking the time to look and if possible leave a comment if you are on Google, if not a comment on the facebook link would be appreciated.

Thank you all for looking, Best regards, Mike


  1. Welcome back Michael excellent photos and information as always. X

  2. Thanks Linda, thought I would give it a try. You should be able to view the pictures bigger but I think you know that. Let's see how it goes more work but more interesting. X

  3. Beautiful pictures. What a lovely old church.

  4. good to see you back Mike and with a such stunning subject. Just love Your shots of the local churches... will catch up with all the posts now I've found them xx Great Pictures xx Eileen x

  5. Thanks Eileen, glad to be back but wont do one every day, Thanks for your