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Saturday, 30 September 2017

Church of St James Cooling Kent #2

Hello again final part of yesterdays church.

Double 13th century Piscina, a sign of wealth.

With the sun streaming in.

Detail on the original 14th century north door.

Marble memorial to John Murton of Cooling Castle who died in 1852 having fallen overboard whilst off Rio de Janeiro, hence the chain and anchor.

Arcading on the walls.

"Modern" Victorian pews.

Against the "older" medieval benches of the 14th century.

Obviously from a wedding in August, although its closed it still has occasional services.

The 13 graves belonging to two local families are commonly called "Pip's Graves" although Dickens reduced the number in the book to 5 to make it more believable.

Thanks for looking, Mike


  1. Hi Micheal, Nice to see the blog again, lovely the old wooden door,looks like the wooden benches were made by that man who carves mice at the end of the row. Never noticed them when I visited with my local history group. Margaret.

  2. Thanks Margaret, glad to see you on here as well.