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Monday, 2 January 2012

Lovely day for Ducks

Hi folks,

Where to today I asked Sue?  Nothing concrete on the forum re kites so off we set to do part of the Weald of Kent Tour to see what we could find on route.

Took a few shots of Aylesford Bridge and proceeded on the Tour towards Tonbridge.

Through the Town Centre we went with the sun blazing into our eyes and then it happened.  I said let's forget the route and turn right out of Tonbridge towards Haysden, well that was the best thing that happened and we came across Haysden Country park.

We had the weather on our side so we made the most of the day and walked around the lake taking pictures as we went.  If you look across the lake you will see some trees, behind them is the river Medway.

Well I bet you didn't expect that! The Medway was redirected in the 1830's to carry wood from Penshurst to Tonbridge but it was never completed as the company went bust.

Back on the side of the lake we continued our walk.

Around the lake with plenty of wildlife to see.

Look at this lot, "miluions" of them as Del would say, Geese that is.




Two males chasing a female Mallard

And of course hundreds of Canada Geese

Last but not least a...........


Will be returning there in the spring for another look.

Well that was a busy day, I hope you liked them don't forget to CLICK on the images to expand them, and press the cross to return to the blog.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. I love the Canada Goose with his wings spread.
    Lots to talk about later.

  2. The Moorhen has such big feet, all the better to walk along a narrow piece of wood. You are right Trev the wings spread out is a good shot, there were so many birds it was difficult to be in the right place at the right time.
    Pleased we found the Park and worth revisiting, it even had a dog exercise area and children's playground.

  3. Lovely place Mike and Sue......Took us back to springtime......Ahhh lovely !!
    chris and dave R

  4. Oooo never been there Mike ..thanks for the 'visit'! Think that might be a good place to see for ourselves!
    Great wild life !
    Eileen x

  5. Just been to Trev's blog (lovely shot of a 'Giant Red Pepper') lol WHATS goin on, on Wednesday ??????? I'll be watching you TWO or is it three wiv Charles ? Talk abt last of the summer wine ! lol All good fun xxx

  6. Mmmmm BTW the goose flapping it's wings is a Greylag .... Canada Goose with the Black Head is behind it ... naughty corner, unless you tell abt Wednesday!! lol

  7. I thought I was doing good for a bloke the knows nuffink about birds, sniff. And NO I'm not telling about Wednesday, so there. XX

  8. Sorry to put a damper on your Blog Mike but the goose with its wings out stretched is a Grey Lag Goose not a Canada

  9. If you read the comments above you will see that I have already been corrected.

    It's a shame you didn't get anything nice said about the blog as you know they take a long time to compile. Correcting people is ok but a nice comment after would not go amiss