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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Jupiter and the Candle

Hi folks,
Well what a week, not sure that I can keep up with this, I thought that I would be taking it easy once I had semi retired but no.

As you know Trev, Sue and I went to Leeds Castle after dropping Daisy back to Ashford and had a great whistle stop tour of the place before it got dark. As is now becoming the norm, Trev came back to dinner and there was a lot of talk about Astronomy before the day was out so no blog although I had taken pictures at Leeds Castle.

Friday was a busy working day, I mean busy. It was like back in the good old days with cars all over the place. Once that was done it was time to get ready for the Astronomical Societies meeting at Bredhurst.

A great evening was spent with Trev, again and by this time I was hooked. I didn't tell you that at the beginning of last week I lent a friend a lens to take some photographs, well to cut a long story short as dear old friend Alan used to say I swapped it for a Telescope so I really have got the bug. No blog again.

Saturday came, worked in the morning and had my son pop in. Needed space for the Telescope so did that. Trev bless him then turned up to set the Scope up. We spent a wonderful evening looking at the stars and I really enjoyed it so much although it was very cold. The highlight was using it to see Jupiter and its moons, what a wonderful sight. I must put it on record that if it had not been for my dear friend Trev setting it up and his know how I would have not had such a great evening, thanks Trev, well done that man.

So as you can see my life is getting very interesting and I am enjoying the experience which is what it is all about. I would like to finish off with another Leeds Castle shot.

Thanks for looking and have a lovely Sunday.

luv, Mike XX


  1. That Peacock is a great shot Mike.

    Your welcome on the scope, but you need to clear out that shed. LOL

  2. Dont remind me about the shed I'm going out.

  3. Hi Mike, You know that when you have good times, its
    because you deserve it !! is a balance, ENJOY !!!
    Chris and Dave R
    By the way,lovely shots Mike.

  4. Did you see the white peacock. D id you know that the aviary is going to close soon.?

  5. Thanks all, yes Chris, life is GREAT!

    @ Margaret, yes loads of white peacocks.

  6. Mike ... I am so glad you are having fun... I am looking forward to hearing about other 'Star Gazing' adventures as Trev shows you more about the hobby !
    It sounds VERY interesting and the bonus,for me, is that it might keep you away from those bloody Power stations!! E xxxx