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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Day Off

Hi folks,

I am quite exhausted after a day out with Trev and having to work today so having a chill out so no pictures tonight. Hope I am forgiven.

 Trev has put up pictures that both of us have taken so no point in duplicating them. So a night off and a catch up on the TV and the Computer.

 Thanks for looking. nite nite, love Mike xx


  1. Mike you are forgiven......
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Well seeing that you took me out yesterday I will forgive you.

    I am sure you enjoyed yourself doing your thing on the computer.

    Have fun and relax

  3. This retirement lark wears you out sometimes lol lol
    I know the feeling !!!! xxxxxx

  4. The times of comments are very strange OR Chris and Trev are seeing into the future.
    They commented at 1:21 PM and 3:06 PM on the 19th THEN Michael posted at 20:45 (8:45 PM) on the 19th. Eileen not so "with it" didn't comment until 12:30 AM on 20th which is after the post. Ummmm!
    Anyway this being half retired leaves no time. oh deary me.