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Monday, 30 January 2012

Power Stations at the ready!

Hi folks, just a quick one tonight as I am going to London tomorrow with Daisy and Sue.

Battersea Power Station

I looked on the map to go and take one but it was too far away from our appointment so here is one taken earlier.

That's it for tonight, thanks for looking.

nite nite, love Mike XX


  1. Oh Mike, its a good job you are off to London tomorrow, otherwise a certain person would have your guts for garters !!!
    Have a great day tomorrow and take lots of pics...
    Chris and Dave R

  2. This looks like a war Chris, get ready to duck.

    All I can say to Mike is be afraid very afraid. When Eileen goes on the warpath anything can happen.

    1. Could have been worse Trev ... could have been KINGSNORTH .... I am still slumped over my lappy ....sobbin !! Michael has no heart! lol xx

  3. I am looking with my eyes shut so I cannot see the abomination (actually Battersea is one of our more attractive PS ... don't you think?) you have posted tonight Michael! ... Trev says he is on my side and will sort you out fer me xxxxxxx !

  4. Trev is a creep Eileen he has changed sides, that means he is scared of you. Lol XXX

  5. I think that's cheating.promising Battersea power station, then posting a picture of one taken earlier, just like blue peter. will excuse you this time as the weather isn't suitable for taking photos.

  6. @ Eileen, well I got no comment from you as SUNDAYS blog they must have been correct, Magic!!