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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday at Lower Halstow

Hi folks,

Off to the Edith May this morning to book my trip with John and Ann in May up and down the river which I am really looking forward to.

Whilst we were there I thought I would brush up on my skills of bird photography which ain't easy to say the least. Sue stayed and guarded the car with the help of her Kindle while a trotted along the riverside looking for something to take a picture of and there they were, small birds flying past me.

Now me not being very good at naming birds as Steve, bless him knows I am going to stick my neck out and call them Turnstones.

Why are the called Turnstones I ask myself? well I met another Sue today and she told me that they migrate here from Greenland for the winter as it's warmer here, well it is this year.

These little chaps hunt for their dinner by, yes you guessed it, looking under rocks and pebbles.

I like this one, he turns the stone and his mate is all ready to nick the food.

We went on the Queenborough then Sheerness, I stopped in a lay-by to get this of the two bridges at sunset. I have a few more to show tomorrow .

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX      BTW I have changed the comments so that anyone can comment under "anonymous" in the drop down comment box


  1. Your getting better Mike Turnstones is correct

  2. Good News Mike I have a picture of flying Turnstone's. They look like your's

    I like the I see no ships picture, he hee

  3. Woopy do Stephen, can I have a house point?

  4. Hi Mike, love the first, think I love all the shots.....good man !
    chris and Dave R
    P.S. We became grandparents for the second time on saturday ! Bouncing baby boy 8lb 4oz named TOBY !

  5. love the pictures, especially the sunset over the bridges. you know what people say, practice makes perfect, so keep up the good work.

  6. Super pictures Mike ... I love the sunset ... I have a weakness for sunsets and sunrises .... not power stations lol Good news from Chris as well ....whoop whoop! xx

  7. Kendo says thank you for the offer of the spider thingy Mike ... He has one and is playing lolx

  8. @ Chris, congrats on Toby and thanks. XX

    @ Eileen, yes no power stations, glad you liked them, ok on the Spider, hope he is getting there. XX

    @ Margaret, thanks, enjoy the soup. XX