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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kites in the Sun

Hi folks,

Well I had a bit of a fix today and did what I should have done a while ago and met up with my kiteing buddys at Mote Park. Most of the familiar faces were there to greet me, so I duly paid my yearly subs and got flying.

The weather was bright but the wind was all over the place and gusting quite a bit. Due to the strength of the wind a few of them opted for the Delta which has 3 spars, 1 centre and 1 each side with long tails helping to staberlize it in strong winds.

This is a Rokkaku, it is quite small and this one is hand made by Mike the club secretary, the image is of his daughter, it also lends itself to blustery conditions. The image is applied by stitching the image on and cutting out the reverse.

Looking across the flying field with members setting up their kites. If you look closely you can see my Revolution, a 4 line kite also good for high winds.

This is Len a club committee member getting up close and personal.

Next is a Power Kite, these are very powerful and have been on the News with some people being dragged along and even one going over Beachey Head. We were ok as Mote Park is fairly flat. Ideal if you want to lengthen ones arms.

Next is Janet who is in charge of the clubs clothing, notice her nice Kent Kite Flyers Jacket also the gloves on the ground essential when holding the line as it can pull through your fingers leaving a nasty burn. (Health and safety tip)

Finally another very patriotic Delta to end with.

Thanks for looking

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. Great photo's Mike. Just one small correction, I'm not club secretary (that honour belongs to Malcolm) just magazine editor. However it was great to see you back on a flying field once more.


  2. Thanks for the correction Mike, nice to be back.

  3. Ooooo I am now looking forward to seeing some more colourful stuff .... Glad you enjoyed your day Mike xxx

  4. Nice day out Mike, lovely pictures

  5. I think Gareth will have something to say about the Red White and Blue Flowtail Delta. It was made to celebrate Midland Kite Flyers 30 anniversary and some object to them being flown at KKF events!
    Sorry I missed you I was lunching on the Edith May, very nice!

  6. Mike, with your permission I would like to reproduce this post in the next Windjammer magazine.

  7. Yes, no problem Mike. Glad you liked them