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Monday, 16 January 2012

Leeds Castle and the Aviary

Hi folks,

Well we are getting back to normal or as normal as a normal can get.

Lets try to catch up as best we can, as you know, Wednesday was take Daisy back to Ashford and the trip to Leeds Castle so here goes.

Trev get one flying off the roof, this one was in love.

Sorry Margaret, no white Peacocks so you will have to make do with a White Swan instead but we did see some but in a bit of a hurry due to the sun going down fast and I wanted to show Trev the sun on the Castle so we had to hurry.

Well after kicking someone up the rear end we arrived at the Castle with the sun just about on it as you can see by the shadow on the arches.

There, I think it was worth the rush although we only just made it.

We are now at the top of the Castle grounds as just about to go into the Aviary, I heard some sad news tonight that due to cut backs the Aviary will be no more and also no Falconry displays which I think is really bad.

So this may be the last you will see of the birds although we plan to go back next week hopefully before it closes. Anyway to cheer you up here's a few I took.

A Violet Plantain- Eater from West Africa

The famous Kookaburra. (Australian Kingfisher)

And this lovely chap to end on, all the birds were taken through the mesh on manual focus. Didn't get the name so answers on a postcard please.

Well, I have been asked to show a White Peacock. This is a quicky on our run to beat the light especially for Margaret.

On that note, thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv Mike XX


  1. What stunning pictures Mike ... Beautiful reflections! Never seen a White Peacock before! Shame they are cutting back on stuff... the birds are gorgeous.

    Eileen xxx

  2. I like the castle best but I remember that white bird being a something Starling

    I don't think that I took the white Peacock but I will have a look.

    Clear skies.

  3. Hi Mike, love the swan shot....amazing ! And the reflection one is very beautiful.....Happen to love the birds shots too.....have I covered everything ?
    Oh, great post again Mike !!!
    Chris and DaveR

  4. Thanks for showing the white peacock. shame about the aviary closing.

  5. Thanks for all the lovely comments.