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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Baking Day for Daisy

Hi folks,

Well what a horrible day for being outside, but I suppose we need the rain.

Ian and Daisy arrived as usual and had a drink followed by Ian having to go to work, shame.

As he left I got a shot of them both.

Right, what do you do when you have a three and a half year old and it is not nice outside? Well Sue decided that they would make some Rock Cakes and some Gingerbread, so our little girl for the day had to dress up.

Out comes the stool for her to stand on followed by her outfit that Nanny bought her a few months back, don't she look the part?

Right Nanny, lets get started.

Hard work mixing this up and yes I did wash my hands.

It's easy this cooking lark. ( note the pink Centipede not far away.)

There, all done, see my results on the tray behind.

After a rest and a sample of the cooking we had lunch with Brian and Kay some friends / customers we had a nice afternoon playing games. Daisy had her favourite food for tea, Fish Fingers and of course a gingerbread, then it was time to get ready for bed.  C B B's for a while first.

Then there was a surprise, our friend Adrianne arrived to see Daisy and go with Nanny to Ladies Guild

Now she bought Daisy a present, "a lovely tiara for her Princess" she said as Daisy unwrapped it with a beam on her face. It lights up too and Adrianne switched the lights of the tiara on and there she was. Pink Pyjamas and a pink flashing tiara to match. Daisy then went nicely to bed with her present beside her. Adrianne then read Daisy a bedtime story before they went out and I tucked Daisy up in her Secret Bed and kissed her goodnight.

It was a lovely end to a perfect Daisy Day.

Thanks for looking.

nite nite, luv mike XXX


  1. Oh Mike......Daisy days are so special.....treasure the moments !
    We can smell the gingerbread....yummmmmmmmm !!
    Chris and Dave R

  2. That is a lovely picture of her by the cupboard standing on the stool.

  3. Beautiful 'happy days' pictures ... That's a stunner of Daisy and her dad, Mike. xxxx