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Friday, 13 December 2013

More from St Augustine TREEmendous TREEfest

Hi folks,
back again after a busy week, and a few more from this event.

This tree is decorated by a local cake maker with miniature decorations, this one is of Lily's all done in icing

At the base of the tree two miniature cake made by the same firm.

Really small sandwiches made out of icing hanging on the tree.

To the right of the base the another miniature Christmas cake.

Another local business tree close to my heart at the moment a Physiotherapist, love the skeleton with her calling card..

To add to the tree decorations they displayed a bone pelvis with a bow.

Guess what this tree ornament this  represents, you guessed it an, Optician.

On another tree this one represents a kebab from the local shop.

Royal Navy Benevolent Trust Tree.....

.......with its own Knitted Sailor.

Lastly a lone candle looking towards the Altar.

Just a few more to come, hope this has put you in the Christmas spirit.

Best regards, Mike


  1. Loved the cake decorated tree, and the sailor tree. some wonderful and cleverly decorated trees.

  2. I just found these last three Mike.

    I have only been in there for a funeral and it was packed so I did not see any of these.

    I love the eyeball

  3. Scrumptious cakes and my favourite is the candle at the end.........Maybe a symbol of peace this Christmas ! Thanks Mike,
    Chris and Dave R