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Monday, 9 December 2013

Unlocking St Augustine's Secret

Hi folks,

As promised the church certainly had a Christmas secret to display.  One side were trees which were sponsored by local businesses and included some of their wares or at least representations of them as you will see later.  The Lady Chapel side were trees decorated by various groups who use the Church Hall.

This is the first year the event has taken place at the church and was called the "TREEmendous TREEfest" encompassing the children, youth and Business of the Community. The church certainty put on a fantastic display, the tree below was in the entrance and represented Peace in the World.

The tree was decorated by the The Baby Club who meet at the church.

Community trees of some of the childrens' groups.

The Choirs own tree.

Closeup of the music notes in the tree.

Emergency Services, the Gillingham Fire and Ambulance Stations which are situated near by.

The Parents Support Group.

This was entitled The Rose Tree and had Cadbury's Roses Chocolates in the edging colours of the church vestments throughout the year.

This shows the St Augustine Home Group and the Parents Support Group in front of the altar.

The Artistree sponsored by Danecourt Special School.

looking down from the altar at the Sponsorship business trees.

Hope you enjoyed the first installment.

Best regards, Mike


  1. TREEmendous post Mike ! I adore trees especially Christmassy ones....You've put me in the festive spirit this morning, thank you ! Love the 'Artistree', clever play on the 'tree' word.....Shop till I drop day today ! Wish me luck .......
    Chris and Dave R

  2. Fabulous photos. not sure which one was my favourite, I think it was the twelve days of Christmas, using recycled materials. Mrs Egg.

  3. Hi Mike.. just playing catch up .. I'm a bit poorly but this post cheered me up! ... how fabulous ! The trees look really gorgeous! Smashing pictures , thank you Mike.
    Good to see you out and about again. Just LOVE the ROSES GROW ON YOU tree! Fun !
    E xxx