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Sunday, 7 February 2016

And they all lived happily ever after???

Hi folks,

continuing on with the Wedding.

Even though there was a war on duties had to be carried out and the Air Raid Patrol man was ready to snap into action.

Wedding guests, note the meager spread as there was a war on.  Military personnel would be given a 48 hour pass in which to be married and have a short time together before being sent back to the war. 

Some of the documents of the house laid out on the sideboard including ration books to allow the same amount of food for all.

The bride and guests after the ceremony gathered around the fire.

The bride was putting a brave face on as her groom had been immediately called back to his unit.

The beautifully decorated wedding cake looked good but it was an illusion and you can see below.

A small fruit cake had been made using rations from several family members, a real treat in the hard time that they were sustaining.

Lastly "a woman's work is never done".


  1. Nice photos yet again and I remember my nan telling me about the cake trick she had one of those covers in her pantry

  2. Entertaining and interesting post ... I remember my mum owning a brown purse like one of those on the sideboard! .. Love the 'Getting ready to Snap into action' man! Looks like a real rave as they all sat around the fire but must have been sad and scary times too !
    E xxx

  3. There is always something new in the house every time we go, What would brides today make of the measly wedding breakfast. Mrs Egg.